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Taufik Hidayat: “I am more than just a showpiece”


Taufik Hidayat
Taufik Hidayat, former badminton athlete turned Association General Chairman. (Source: INSTAGRAM@TAUFIKHIDAYATOFFICIAL)

Another one of Taufik’s pet peeves concerning PP PBSI is its strongly nepotistic atmosphere: “Let’s talk everything over with everyone, please! Stop making your own assumptions about different situations. I also hate it when players and coaches are inducted into Centralized Training based on their closeness to officials. We need to set up strong criteria for the kinds of players and coaches we get into the scheme. We also need to improve training patterns and sports science. Don’t let that become a mere buzzword! We need to explain to both players and coaches what ‘sports science’ is, what their standards are. From what I see, the players, technical coaches, and physical coaches are not going in the same direction. We should discuss the directions and procedures for each program first, instead of just charging along at full-speed,” he said. 

Even though he is no longer part of the PP PBSI, Taufik is still active in badminton management. He is the Vice Chairman of the West Java PBSI Provincial Management as well as the General Chairman of the SGS Bandung Badminton Association (“PB SGS”). 

Rule of the Game for Former PB SGS Athletes 

In the next part of his statement, Taufik urges PB SGS athletes to speak openly if they feel that club policies don’t suit them. “You are even welcome to leave the club if you want, but do everything according to the rules,” he said. “And if you move out, you better be doing better out there. Don’t let your emotions get the better of you so that you resign from us, only to come back pleading with your hat in your hands when you come back to your senses.” 


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