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Targeting Millennials, and Mondelez International launch OREO Music Box


IO, Jakarta –, a leading e-commerce marketplace in Indonesia, is working together in an exclusive collaboration with Mondelez International, a global leader in the snacks industry, to launch ‘OREO Music Box’ in Indonesia. The premiere of OREO Music Box is another example of the commitment of and Mondelez International’s to bring modern retail products and programs in the forefront of innovation in Indonesia. 

A limited-edition OREO Music Box collection has been available in BlibliMart, a ‘groceries’ category in, from December 1 2019. It resembles a miniature turntable record player, where consumers can buy Oreo biscuits to enjoy music. Uniquely, the OREO Music Box will play a different tune every time the Oreo is bitten. Customers can also record a voice message or their favorite song for 30 seconds on the OREO Music Box. 

The Trade Partnership SVP of Fransisca K. Nugraha stated that e-commerce played an increasingly important role in pushing the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry forward. This was because e-commerce was able to bridge FMCG with the trends of millennial consumers who are accustomed to shopping online for their everyday needs. 

Fransisca added that both e-commerce and the FMCG industry must collaborate in implementing an omnichannel strategy, where retail sales utilize both online and offline channels thus accessing customers a seamless retail shopping experience. 

“Certainly, FMCG companies must also ensure that they provide the correct resources to support their presence in e-commerce. Other than that, they must understand the market’s tastes, provide the correct products to be sold online and give appropriate promotional programs,” continued Fransisca. 

BlibliMart is one of the largest categories on In the third quarter of 2019, BlibliMart saw sales growth of 200% and orders worth +315% compared to the same period the year before. This was helped by an increase in product stock keeping units (SKUs) by 175% and merchants by 80% during the same period. 

Fransisca added that the OREO Music Box was made available ahead of the year end holidays to fulfill the customers habits of gift-giving. “The limited-edition OREO Music Box will increase the enthusiasm of millennials towards ORE. To increasingly attract millennials, we offer free shipping for every purchase,” said Fransisca. 

The OREO Music Box packet features eight OREO Thins, a new OREO product, comprised of three of its newest variants: Vanilla Delight, Tiramisu, and Lemon Cheesecake. 

Head of Biscuit Mondelez Indonesia, Maggie Effendy, stated ‘OREO Thins, which we launched last year, were an innovation with #1 sales in Modern Trade for the biscuit category in 2018. We launched OREO Thins – with thin, crispy texture, and a just right taste for millennials – especially for those who want to slip in happiness in between their busy lives.’ 

‘Through the OREO Music Box, we invite people to say something during this special moment in an exciting way,’ added Maggie. 

The OREO Music Box has been successful in many other countries. In China, customers have been very enthusiastic, causing OREO Music Boxes to be sold out in less than 12 hours. For Indonesia’s market, Mondelez Indonesia has entrusted as a partner to make sales successful.’s millennial customer base is one of the reasons for partnering with the platform. 

“Other than that, the far reach of across Indonesia was also a plus for Mondelez Indonesia in reaching its intended market,” concluded Maggie. 

In accordance with its ‘Customer Satisfaction First’ commitment, is also providing a benefit for customers in the form of free and fast shipping alongside a 100% original product guarantee, safe payments, 24/7 customers service, and a 15-day return period 


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