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Tanjung Lesung, an appealing tourism destination alongside Anyer and Carita


IO, Jakarta – For a seaside vacation in Banten or West Java, surely you often recall the famous Anyer and Carita Beach, or probably other beautiful shores along Banten coastlines. One of them, aside from aforementioned location, is Tanjung Lesung, with Bodur beach as the emerging tour­ism site and alternative destination for seaside breeze seekers. Located precisely along Tanjung Lesung Main Road, Tanjungjaya Village, Panimbang District, Pandeglang Regency, Banten, Indonesia.

Bodur beach in Panimbang pos­sesses such interesting views and a beautiful atmosphere with the sa­vanna and shady trees along the way to the destination, making this beach really worth a visit.

In the summertime, surround­ing vegetation are drying up as it makes the scenery appears brown­ish like a savanna. White sands and calm waves perfectly give solitude ambience with the appearance of fishermen’s boats under the rows of coconut trees. As a tropical coun­try, Indonesia boasts an enormous coastline with many of them still se­cluded.

Since late 2012, Tanjung Lesung has widely known by its plentiful op­tions of tourism sites for the visitor to try, with the likes of resorts, beach clubs, and other kinds of destinations which strongly elevate Banten as one of the attractive places for tourism.

Entering the area, visitors will be greeted with stunning sights along the way also will be welcomed by guards under the classy gate; later the guards will provide official visitor cards whilst asking for the appropriate destina­tion. Bodur Beach comprises white sands and greenish-blue ocean water that pictures such magnificent natu­ral scenery.

From every aspect that will fasci­nate visitors, of course, the state of the less-crowded place is the most prominent point, as it feels like a pri­vate beach. Despite its uninhabited appearance, plenty of food stalls and souvenirs are available around the parking area and also other support­ing tourism facilities like a mosque, toilet, rest area, homestay, and restaurants, all in good condition.

After having fun and freshen­ing your mind in Bodur, probably you should also pay a visit to Cika­du Tourism Village. Located in the same district, this place has been well-known as one of the most recom­mended tourism sites within Tanjung Lesung itself. Previously, Cikadu Village was famous for its cultural uniqueness and local art performances which at­tracted visitors to come around. Not only cultural-wise, natural tourism destinations on par with Bodur Beach are available with Curug, Salak Purus, and Cijedang River.

Unfortunately, following the trauma from the disastrous tsunami incident that hit Aceh 13 years ago, Cikadu seems to get less attention from poten­tial visitors, although possessing beau­tiful and lovable scenery. Most seem afraid of the same danger, yet Cikadu still stands with its beauty and appears more attractive than before.

One of Cikadu’s charismatic des­tinations is Batik Pandeglang Centre. This is the heart of batik production in Pandeglang, with its own typical self-made motive inspired by notable Pandeglang symbols such as sin­gle-horned rhinos and Krakatoa. Es­tablished in April 2015, this business has been empowering members of Family Foster Care (PKK) to express creative skills of batik production to be made as local souvenirs.

Slowly, Tanjung Lesung has start­ed to fulfill its potential through lo­cal developments while progressing to become a reputable tourism site. Currently there are villas, townhous­es, golf courses and a specially-de­signed harbour called marina being developed around that site. The lat­ter spot is predicted to be the biggest harbour in Southeast Asia. Alongside that massive development, local gov­ernment has been enhancing road facilities by covering accessible areas with good asphalt.

Right now, slowly but sure, Tan­jung Lesung seems to be going to achieve those targets. All specified activities to improve the area are hap­pening: for instance, coral reefs plant­ing around the oceanfront. These cor­al reef enhancements are expected to enrich dynamic underwater life and beautify them to attract snorkelling or diving enthusiasts in the near future.

Not only that, developers are trying to comprehensively build up the sur­roundings through a tourism village concept by involving local citizens. People start to embrace productive activities such as producing batik, handicrafts creation or even creating typical local snacks.

This is in line with the expectation of Banten Government which set the region as a Special Economic Zone on February 23rd, 2015. Tanjung Le­sung development also happened to foster local economic activities as well as elevating citizens’ living standards.

As one of the alternative holiday destinations, Independent Observ­er truly recommends this place to seal the pleasure of your weekend getaway. Close to the Jakarta capi­tal, this area will surely impress you with its delightful (Aldo)


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