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Tanjung Barat Aeon Mall officially open for business


IO – After successfully providing optimal service as Indonesia’s number one urban shopping center in three different locations (BSD City Aeon Mall, Jakarta Garden City Aeon Mall, and Sentul City Aeon Mall), Aeon Co., Ltd. and Aeon Mall Co., officially expanded its business reach by opening its fourth mall in Indonesia, and the first one in South Jakarta: Tanjung Barat Aeon Mall.

The newest Aeon Mall is now officially open for business, ready to welcome visitors with the help of its tenant stores – including speciality stores that will provide them with different shopping experience never experienced before.

The opening was inaugurated by Munjirin, the Mayor of South Jakarta; Daisuke Isobe, President Director of PT Aeon Mall Indonesia; Takahiro Osugi President Director of PT Aeon Indonesia; Stevanus Adjiputro, Commercial 1 Division Head of PT Sinar Mas Land and Director of PT Duta Semesta Mas; and Alphonsus W., Retail and Hospitality Group Division Head of PT Sinar Mas Land and General Chairman of the Association of Indonesia’s Shopping Center Operators (Asosiasi Pengelola Pusat Belanja Indonesia – “APPBI”) on 18 November 2021.

Aeon Group, the owner of the new mall, owns more than 150 shopping centers across Japan, making it the owner of number one most visited and highest-selling shopping centers there. Its 11 divisions include construction development, financial services, drug stores, and convenience stores centered on gross merchandise sales (“GMS”). Amid the pandemic, Aeon Co., Ltd. and Aeon Mall Co. continue to do their best to support the adaptation of new habits for preventing Covid-19 spread on its properties. They seek to provide a safe, comfortable shopping environment that allow customers to shop in peace.

Tanjung Barat Aeon Mall officially open for business

Their first expansion abroad was in China in 2008. They started considering expansion to ASEAN countries 8 years ago, finally opening their first mall in ASEAN in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, in January 2014. “Since then, within a mere 7 years until today, we have opened 6 malls in Vietnam, 2 in Cambodia, and 3 in Indonesia. That’s a total of 11 malls across ASEAN, and everything is going smoothly,” Isobe said. “With the mall concept being “Find Happiness Beyond Your Future”, we strive to provide a space where customers can feel fun experiences and have a taste of new values and lifestyles. Furthermore, we provide sufficient precautions to mitigate the spread of the Covid-19 virus like space and mask restrictions, hand-washing and disinfectant facilities. We are committed to provide safe and comfortable facilities for our customers.”

At the opening ceremony, Mayor of South Jakarta Munjirin declared that in view of the Covid-19 pandemic, the new Aeon Mall was open with due compliance to health protocols. “With its varied tenants, many of which cannot be found in other malls, Tanjung Barat Aeon Mall will make it easier, more effective and efficient for the people of South Jakarta to satisfy their needs and maintain a quality lifestyle – while remaining safe and law-abiding,” he said.

Other than promoting safety and security protocols with new good habits, Tanjung Barat Aeon Mall also focuses on sustainability, by organizing various activities which positively impact the environment, such as recycling (plastic bottles, glass bottles, cans, etc.) and installing water-saving valves in its faucets. This is how the Mall will cooperate with its customers to transform our society into one that is more environmentally-aware and sustainable for the sake of our future.

In his closing speech, Munjirin expressed his congratulations for the opening of the new Aeon Mall on behalf of the Municipal Government of South Jakarta: “Good luck in your new business, and may you continue to develop in the future!”


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