Tangerang Laksa going global


IO – For the people of Tangerang,

La sa is no stranger, as this type of unique culinary item can be found in the nickname city of 1000 Industries.

Laksa is a typical peranakan menu and is very popular in the areas of Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. No wonder the variants of Laksa in these places are very different.

Unlike the Bogor or Betawi Laksa, the Tangerang Laksa does not use oncom, and is usually served together with chicken or eggs.

“One of the uniqueness of Laksa Tangerang compared to other Laksa is its thick yellow broth with flavorful aroma. Also, since it is made with green beans there is a sweet taste to the dish,” said Executive Chef of Novotel Tangerang, Salehin.

According to Salehin, food is one way to introduce identity to others. “We at the hotel once made Laksa Tangerang as one of the breakfast menus and got a positive response from the guests. Not only guests who come from Tangerang and other cities, but also guests who come from abroad,” he said.

Currently, Indonesia is already known by the world through its spices and legendary food menu variants. In 2017 there was rendang, which was nominated as the most delicious food in the world.

“For us chefs, it would be our own pride if there is one Indonesian dish that is known by people in the world, as it can help stimulate the culinary and tourism sector in Indonesia as well,” concluded Salehin.