Sys NS Passes Away, Family Mourns

Deep sadness for his family, especially his wife, Shanty NS. (photo: IO/Raihan)

IO, Jakarta – Senior actor and politician Sys NS has passed away. The man born with the name ‘Raden Mas Haryo Heroe Syswanto Ns Soerio Soebagio’ died of heart disease, after collapsing in his living room in Kemang, South Jakarta, Tuesday (23/1) at around 11:00. The family rushed Sys to Pondok Indah Hospital in South Jakarta, where they recorded the death of Sys at 12.30 pm.

While still studying at the Jakarta Art Institute, Sys worked on the side as a disc jockey, and was even crowned as ‘The Best of Disc Jockey of Indonesia’ in 1975, gaining fame on Radio Prambors. He once hosted a Sergeant (Serious Casual) Prambors program with Muklis Gumilang, Pepeng, Krisna Purwana, and Nana Krip. At that time the program Sys produced replaced Warkop Prambors which eventually transformed into Warkop DKI.

Not only did the world of radio and DJ enjoy his talent: Sys also plunge into the world of art, becoming a player as well as a director. Not satisfied with that, the political world was his next goal, as he participated in the formation of the Democratic Party in 2001.

The suddenness of his departure left his family in deep sorrow. Shanty Whidianty, his wife, told of her husband’s unconscious chronology toward death. At that time Shanty had suspected Sys had fallen asleep on the floor, which had become his habit. ‘Last night he was not well, but this morning he was already healthy, because he had a massage and breakfast, before telling his son to arrange for Uber to take him to Cibubur. So I really do not know anymore,’ sighed Shanty after the funeral of her husband at TPU Jeruk Purut, Ampera, South Jakarta, Tuesday afternoon.

‘Then my other son came home and said, ‘Mother … mother … father has fallen asleep’ as he often, laying on the floor, which he said was cool,’ continued Shanty.

Shanty admits to being stunned when she saw Sys’s unusual expression. ‘He was already colorless and cold; I was trembling to see him, and I did not know where to go – it was around 11:00 pm,’ she said.

The wife and children of System panicked. Seeing a police officer in front of his post, they asked for help. ‘Sir I want to take Sys with my child to Brawijaya Hospital, but the police said to take him to Pondok Indah Hospital (RSPI)’.

Upon arriving at the RSPI ER, Shanty already sensed that Sys had died, because for 40 minutes, he did not respond after getting medical help.

‘I felt he was gone… they tried to stimulate his heart with a pumping device for 40 minutes, kept on checking here and there, but finally the doctors said “We tried for 40 minutes, but there was no heartbeat at all”.’ ‘I said it’s okay – God willing we all maintain our faith,’ she sighed.

Shanty still could not contain her sadness, as her husband had abandoned her forever. ‘Insha Allah we keep the faith, but suddenly I was all alone, just went home alone, now where to, lost really. I definitely felt really lost… he was no longer there,’ said Shanty, crying, after the funeral of Sys at Public Cemetery (TPU) Jeruk Perut, South Jakarta, Tuesday (23/1).

Not only was the mother forlorn. The child, Syanindita, had also lost his father. ‘Dad always said to be a good person,’ said Syanindita after the funeral at TPU Jeruk Purut, South Jakarta, Tuesday afternoon.

Syanindita added that Sys is a man who could protect his children, and a father who could understand the will of the family. ‘His father was easy going, really,’ he said.

Syanindita prayed for her beloved father to get the best place by Allah SWT. ‘We can only pray, because this is the best for my father: daddy died tragically,’ he concluded.

(Raihan Ismail)