Syekh Ali Jaber, his attacker was a pro

(Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO – Syekh Ali Jaber, the cleric who was stabbed by a man with the ini- tials AA in the courtyard of the Fala- huddin Mosque in Bandar Lampung, Sunday, September 13, is convinced that the assailant was not a mad- man, as previously reported in the media.

“I’m sorry – he is not a person with a mental disorder. He is very aware and brave and acts highly-trained,” declared

Syekh Ali Jaber in a press conference, Monday, September 14, as quoted by Republika.

The perpetrator attempted to stab him in the genital area, but a slight movement from Ali Jaber meant that the knife slipped and hit his right up- per arm or shoulder. “Because he failed to cut the part he was aiming for, he tried to pull the knife across my hand with strength and courage, but it broke when I made a circular motion. Seeing this is not like witnessing a crazy per- son. He is very brave and even expe- rienced,” added Ali Jaber as cited by Antara.

He hopes that the legal prosecution can run smoothly, and that the police can pursue their investigation and their duties trustfully and honestly.

Ali Jaber expects this incident to be legally prosecuted not only for his own sake but also for every ulama, preacher and habib in Indonesia, so no longer have to fear becoming a victim of an attack.

“God willing, we can ght all evil. We do not want to be pitted against one another. Nor do we desire to be slandered. That is why such events

take place. We urge the police to fol- low up as thoroughly as possible so that the community can stay calm, assured that this type of incident does not occur again.”

He is sure that the stabbing was only the act of a single individual, and did not represent the feelings of Lampung people. “I know the people of Lampung well. I have been to Lam- pung many times; the people of Lam- pung love peace; they love ulamas. There is no way they intend for such evil to occur. One or two individuals may carry out such an art; it does not represent all Lampung people.”

Sheikh Ali Jaber is a scholar from Medina who has lived and preached in Indonesia for 12 years. The attack on him strengthened his determi- nation to make Lampung one of the centers of the Al-Quran memorization program in Indonesia.

“We will continue building Al-Qu- ran memorization centers: of 114 centers in Indonesia, one is in Ban- dar Lampung, one in East Lampung. From these and centers in other places will be born memorizers of the Al-Quran.” (rp)