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Suspected fraud in Sumenep reported to DKPP


IO, SUMENEP– Issues surrounding the elections held on April 17, 2019, are still present in various regions across Indonesia. One of the regions affected is the Sumenep Regency in Madura, East Java.

There has been a suspected case of fraud in the electoral region (Dapil) VI Sumenep, which covers sub-district Arjasa, Kangayan, and Sapeken, specifically, in this case the alleged fraud took place sub-district Sapeken. There are several voting stations which have come under fire in Sabuntan Village as early on, voting station (TPS) number 6’s C1 form had serial number two party the National Awakening Party (PKB) at 40 votes. However, after it was recapitulated in the DA1, the count changed to 90 votes.

“And that was massive in several voting stations. So, the inflation of votes is very visible, but protests were filed by witnesses,” explained Supyadi, an attorney for Hamsuri, the number seven candidate from PKB.

Supyadi explained that party witnesses during the recapitulation process in the sub-district level had already taken issue with the change of votes. However, the Election Supervisory Committee (Panwas) Commitment Making Officers (PPK) did not follow up on the objections raised by the witnesses.

“We have protested starting from the lowest levels. (We) have even gone to the Bawaslu but they haven’t done anything. So, we decided to report it to the Election Organizers Honorary Council (DKPP).”

In the report, Supyadi, as Hamsuri’s attorney reported the PPK Head, Sapeken Sub-district Bawaslu, Vote Organizer Group (KPPS) 01, 02, 03, 04, 06 Head, and KPPS Head 06. “Including the KPU and Regency Bawaslu,” said Supyadi.

He and his party are now waiting for a hearing schedule from the DKPP. However, he hopes that after the evidence is brought to light, the DKPP will give an ethics code sanction to the organizers who committed the fraud.

“We hope there is an ethics code sanction from the DKPP, whether it be disqualification or vote reduction from the candidate. Especially to the election organizers who have inflated those votes,” he concluded.

Confirmed separately, Sumenep Bawaslu Legal and Supervision Division Coordinator, Imam Syafi’i explained that based on the document receipt’s received by Bawaslu, he admitted his side did not know in detail the contents of the claim.

“We do not wholly understand the contents of the claim, based on document receipt’s, the person being reported is the Bawaslu Head, Sapeken Panwas Head, PPK Head, including the KPPS Heads. We don’t yet understand the substance,” he explained.

However, Imam stated that his side respected any attempt to help supervise the election organizers. “What they have done is a form or participation in supervising the organizers. We appreciate that. We will be cooperative in every stage,” he concluded. (Dsy)


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