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Susi Syahdonna Marleny Bachsin, fighting and sacrificing for people


IO – Her name is Susi Marleny Bachsin, but people call her Mpok Donna. The political assumption that politic is identical to men does not apply to this beautiful woman. She is convinced that a great change will take place in a country only, if women joined hands together during a struggle. Therefore, to be directly involved in the change, she decided to go into politics, in which she was originally still amateur and awkward about.

Mpok Donna is the 7th of 8 children of late H.Moekminin Bachsin and Nuraini Kuris (93 years old). From the beginning, women have equality with men, and the reason is that women have certain interests that can not always be represented by men.

For her, the political stage is an equal world belonging to men and women. Separating women from politics is like separating people from their environment. Moreover, according to the law mandates, women’s representation is at least 30 percent.

Her involvement in the political stage is not just as a complement, or even a mere temptation. Additionally, thanks to her ability to integrate family, business, and politics. It should be a motivation for woman activists to be more seriously involved in politics.

Mpok Donna admitted that at first she was invited and directed by her brother late Syaiful Anwar Bachsin (exponent 66). After many discussions with her late brother and the blessing of the mother and the permission of the family then Donna decided to join Gerindra Party because she considered that the struggle of the GERINDRA party is in line with what she always dreams on. Her presence in the GERINDRA Party is regarded as a TAKDIR (destiny). Within three days before the closing of the registration of legislative candidates, Mpok Donna was able to complete all necessary administrative requirements. At that time she chose Bengkulu as her electoral district because Bengkulu Province is the land of her ancestors. Although in 2009 she did not pass to Senayan, it did not necessarily make her surrender or retreat. In fact, Mpok Donna is grateful and takes it as a lesson as the fate from Allah.

Now her love for GERINDRA has been ingrained. Imagine, in the midst of her busy life as a mother of three daughters, Kara (Bristol University), Dasha (SMA JIS), and Zeta (junior high school), she undertakes the task for the progress and greatness of the party. In fact, she gets a mandate by GERINDRA Party as Chairman / Commander of GERINDRA Party in Bengkulu Province. As a consequence, she  frequently has to take her family to Bengkulu when there are tasks that takes time, when the children are off from school or at the end of the week.

Although serving as a person who controls the command of the party in Bengkulu, Mpok Donna is highlighting more on the maternal side. she is more quickly known to the public, ranging from the bottom to the leaders in the city.

Establishing the House of Aspiration for Bengkulu community is a manifestation of her intention after becoming a Member of Parliament. This Aspiration House was inaugurated on March 11, 2015, which was attended by the Governor of Bengkulu Province, Junaedi Hamsyah and Deputy Governor of Sultan B. Najamudin, Vice Mayor of Bengkulu Patriana Socialinda, North Bengkulu Regent Imron Rosyadi It was also attended by PIRA General Chairman. Sumarjati Ardjoso, and the Board of Trustees of Gerindra Party Rani Sutrisno.

Currently Mpok Donna is also still chairman of  the Indonesian Chess Association (Percasi) in Bengkulu province. She also often holds chess tournaments from an early age to the public. Finally, with Bengkulu police chief, she helds a chess tournament on November 25, 2017. Even more, the Bengkulu Percasi is targeting Bengkulu chess athlete to be qualify and makes achievement in 2019 KORWIL. This is also a trick from Mpok Donna to raise more constituents. She also frequently visits orphanages, hafidz schools and nursing homes.

Mpok Donna learns a lot to know her constituents. She is willing and ready to carry out her duty to raise the GERINDRA Party. Its simplicity is not merely nonsense, nor is it limited to jargon, display sweetener, or political imagery, but all of its constituents appreciate her performance. It is proven that in every visit to the remote Bengkulu, Mpok Donna has to stay in the vehicle because of a landslide, in a constituent’s house with all the limited facilities several times.

Bengkulu is a province with 9 districts and one city. The distance between one district to other districts varies considerably. The closest is a two-hour travel and the furthest is 8 hours with bad road and through the forest grove.

Luckily Mpok Donna loves adventure so the work becomes a common thing. She also gets a lesson when she visits the community. For example like bathing in the river or taking water from the well. During her visit to the Lebong area, she was inaugurated as a foster child of the Topos (indigenous Lebong tribe), a tribe with a customary event ritual.

“Alhamdullilah, all the present conditions go according to the direction of the center. Structural board of management starting from DPD, DPC, DPAC, until Subsidiary has been formed.” she said. The number of parliament seats in 2009 was 7. In 2014, the number of people’s representatives increased rapidly. Gerindra Bengkulu Party has 1 representative in the House of Representatives, 5 in provincial DPRD, and 34 people in DPRD district/city. That is evidence of the result of hard work of all cadres of Gerindra Party in Bengkulu Province under her Leadership.

With 40 representatives of the people, Mpok Donna is more confident to be better preparing to face the 2019 Election. It is not easy, it focuses on all DPRD members ranging from provinces, districts and cities to real work to their constituents. Synergizing all programs, which is directly related to the needs and interests of the community.

Mpok Donna always remember Prabowo Subianto’s message. “Do not be a politician, be a Political Warrior to defense the interests of the people”. Anyone should be a politician if they want the fate of a nation is more advanced and prosperous, and we struggle to defend the Unitary Republic of Indonesia until the last drop of blood. Therefore we must appear to the people as defenders of truth, honesty, defending the weak, defending all classes, because it is the spirit of the Gerindra Party. “The politic is doing something for the people,” she explained

Mpok Donna advised all cadres of Bengkulu Province to continue to work hard to win Gerindra party, socialize Gerindra and Prabowo Subianto  as a presidential candidate. Stay in one line, maintain loyalty and cohesiveness to win in 2019 elections, both legislative and presidential elections. “Take Mr. Haji Prabowo Subianto to become the President of RI in 2019,” she said optimistically.

This optimism is indicated on March 5, 2018, Bengkulu Province has declared and requested Prabowo Subianto’s willingness to be nominated as the President of the Republic of Indonesia in 2019.

Having been underestimated her ability in politics because she was considered a new person to politics, she did not pay attention to it. With her full self confidence and support of people closest to her, she was able to dismiss the supposition of tilting with real work, hard work and commitment to the struggle. And all that has been proven with the progress significantly achieved. (Dessy Aipipidely)


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