Superior seed, stronger spawn signify food independence

Andi Akmal Pasluddin, a member of Commission IV of the House of Representatives. (Photo: Dok. PKS)

IO – In order to support the food independence policy of Presi- dent Joko Widodos Government, member of the House of Repre- sentatives (Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat Republik Indonesia – “DPR RI”) Commission IV Andi Akmal Pasluddin urges the Ministry of Agriculture to actively improve the availability of superior seed and spawn, equally throughout Indo- nesia’s crop and livestock farming environment. “Even though the Government states that the Ag- riculture Research and Develop- ment Of ce (Balai Penelitian dan Pengembangan Pertanian – “Bal- itbangtan”) has generated various innovations and new technolo- gies, these new creations are not optimally released. They must be distributed so that our crop and livestock farmers can use them, so that research efforts and pro- gram execution in the eld are aligned,” Akmal stated on Monday (14/09/2020).

He further requested that the Government provide a suf cient amount of superior seeds and spawns that match the needs

of crop and livestock farmers throughout Indonesia. These su- perior seed and spawn strongly in uence optimal yield, allowing our food products to compete at the same level with foreign animal and horticultural ones. “We have many samples that demonstrate how only superior crop and live- stock products attract consumers. The market and the consumers’ eyes have always been saturated with foreign food products, espe- cially horticultural products,” Ak- mal pointed out.

Akmal further stated that in order to improve agricultural productivity in Indonesia, the Government should, among oth- ers provide superior varieties for food crops, whether fruit or veg- etable. This is already partially in motion. However, he specif- ically expects Balitbangtan to periodically report its discoveries to the House, to ensure that its products really support nation- al crop and livestock farming. “Some products are already very good. For example, Balitbangtan rice seeds are a favorite among

our farmers in South Sulawesi. This means that our products are already good enough – we only need to optimize their appli- cation so that the people really enjoy the results of the work of Balitbangtan and its subordinate of ces. I hope that Balitbangtan can optimize its creations with the planned Balitbangtan Budget Allocation 2021 at IDR 1,725.12 billion. The provision of seeds and spawns in several provinces, the assurance of their availability, is necessary for us to ght against stunting among our children,” he said.

National food independence is Joko Widodo’s focus in terms of satisfying domestic food needs. For this purpose, he has given Minister of Defense Prabowo Sub- ianto the task of maintaining food security, by establishing a Nation- al Food Estate in the Regency of Pulang Pisau, Central Kaliman- tan. The Ministry of Defense will continue to synergize with other Ministries and Agencies to imple- ment this food independence and reserve program. (dan)