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SUPER DIVA: Indonesia’sglorious music collaboration


Jakarta, IO – Konsersium proudly presents SUPER DIVA, a grand musical performance with Erwin Gutawa as Music Director and Jay Subiyakto as Art Director. Erwin Gutawa, a renowned Indonesian composer, will lead as the Music Director for SUPER DIVA. 

Erwin Gutawa’s remarkable musical arranging talents will ensure that the concert will be stunning and exceptional. Erwin Gutawa, with his magical touch, guarantees that every performance at SUPER DIVA this November will be magnificent and memorable. 

Meanwhile, Jay Subiyakto, a leading visual creator and artist in Indonesia, will be the Art Director for this performance. His innovative ability to create captivating stage and visual designs will bring extraordinary aesthetics to life in every visual detail, from lighting to the stage setup of SUPER DIVA. 

Erwin Gutawa and Jay Subiyakto’s experience and expertise will guarantee SUPER DIVA will be a spectacular and grand performance, one that provides an extraordinary musical experience with stunning visuals. The show features an incredible collaboration of three national divas: Kris Dayanti, Ruth Sahanaya and Titi DJ, all of whom have amazing voices and provide exceptional performances. 

SUPER DIVA will also feature Lyodra, Tiara Andini and Ziva Magnolya, who perform together as Super Girls LTZ. These girls were winners of the “Indonesian Idol” competition and shine with extraordinary talent. One can say that this concert is truly packed with Indonesian divas. SUPER DIVA will take place on Saturday, November 2, 2024, at the Indonesia Arena, Senayan, Jakarta, and will present an extraordinary performance of the nation’s finest musicians. The concert will raise the bar for Indonesian musical performances, as it will deliver a memorable experience, thanks to the production quality of local artists’ work. 

Ryan Sofyan, Founder of Konsersium, revealed that the SUPER DIVA concert was initiated by the organizers, Konsersium. He shared the idea with Erwin Gutawa and Jay Subiyakto, and received a positive response about creating an indoor stadium show at Indonesia Arena. 

“SUPER DIVA is the embodiment of the beauty and power of Indonesian music on one stage. We strive to create an experience that is both entertaining and inspiring. A moment when art and music unite to celebrate Indonesia’s greatness. SUPER DIVA is not just a musical show, but a celebration of music, that brings the audience together in a spirit of unity, for the glory of Indonesian music,” said Jay Subiyakto. 

This concert is a rare opportunity to see Indonesia’s greatest female vocalists performing on one stage. Erwin Gutawa stated that the SUPER DIVA concert features six extraordinary women—three divas and three Super Girls—focused on performance quality. “We are going to deliver the best presentation of vocal art, music, and maximum stage production, in an effort to establish a new benchmark for the Indonesian music business and a source of pride,” said Erwin. 

Kris Dayanti also expressed her joy about the concert: “This concert is a special moment for me, Ruth Sahanaya and Titi DJ. We have been through a lot in our musical careers. Now we are collaborating with our new generation of great female singers, Lyodra, Tiara, and Ziva, who have amazing talent and musical spirit,” said KD. 

“SUPER DIVA is our chance to show that Indonesian music is always growing and innovating. Erwin and Jay’s support will definitely deliver a spectacular performance,” said Ruth Sahanaya. 

Titi DJ also added that uniting as SUPER DIVA is a tremendous source of pride for her. “This collaboration not only demonstrates the strength of our musicality, but also the power of friendship and the spirit we bring to each performance,” said Titi. 

Lyodra shared how proud she is to be able to join the extraordinary concert. “It is such a huge honor for me to perform on the same stage with the legends in SUPER DIVA, as it is also highly valuable to learn and give the audience our best performance,” stated Lyodra. 

Tiara Andini also commented that being on the same stage as the “3 Diva” was her dream come true. “We are surely going to give a memorable performance to all the audience members at the concert,” Tiara said. 

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“SUPER DIVA is a stage to display our best ability. I am so excited to be on the show and share this special moment with Indonesia’s best musicians, the “3 Diva,” directed by the brilliant Erwin Gutawa and Jay Subiakto,” added Ziva Magnolya. 

“SUPER DIVA is the actual embodiment of Indonesian music’s best collaboration that unites legends and young stars on one stage to create a musical experience like never before.” Ryan Sofyan, the creator of Konsersium, said at the press conference held at MIDAZ Senayan Golf Jakarta, “This is a celebration of our dedication, talent, and love for music.” (des)


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