Sued by All Participants, Cheating indications in the 2019 Election were strengthened

The General Elections runs on Wednesday, April 17, 2019. (photo:

IO, Jakarta – So far, many parties are unsure of the alleged election fraud. Every time a fraud issue is voiced, the party who voices the issue will be accused of trying to delegitimize the KPU.

In fact, all Election Participants are now arguing that the 2019 Election takes place in an dishonest and unfair manner. This can be seen from the list of applications for General Election Results Disputes (PHPU) submitted by all Election Participants to the Constitutional Court (MK).

This fact shows that allegations of election fraud are not just figments. Because, if the election is considered to have taken place honestly and fairly, why do political parties and candidates for DPD Members feel the need to submit a dispute to the Constitutional Court?

“Look at the list of lawsuit results of the General Election that entered the Constitutional Court. It turned out that it was not only submitted by presidential candidates number 02 and the supporting political parties. Requests for disputes were also submitted by prospective members of the Regional Representative Council, even by political parties supporting presidential candidate 01, “Said Salahudin, Political Observer, Election and State

PDIP, Golkar, Nasdem, PKB, PPP, Hanura, and other political parties supporting the Jokowi couple – Maufuf also turned out to sue. On what basis is the claim filed? of course on the basis of the alleged violation of election principles.

The principle of direct, public, free, confidential, and more importantly the principle of honesty and fairness stated in Article 22E paragraph (1) of the 1945 Constitution which will later be used as a parameter by the Court in examining, adjudicating, and deciding PHPU cases.

So, if all the Participants are now questioning the results of the General Election, it means that the indication of fraud in the implementation of the 2019 Election is getting stronger. Therefore, in my opinion there is no need to raise allegations that those who question the alleged election fraud are deemed to want to delegitimize the KPU.

Because, if you suspect that the KPU, including the Bawaslu, has been acting dishonestly and unfairly, aka cheating in holding elections, it is immediately considered an attempt to delegitimize the Election Organizers’ bodies, so that all political parties can be called as perpetrators.

“What is clear, whether or not the 2019 Election is filled with fraudulent practices, we still have to wait for proof of the results of the trial to be held by the Constitutional Court,” said Said Salahudin, General Election Consultation Center (Expert Election Center) Expert Council. (dsy)