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Sudut Pandang Kopi, pioneer of Coffee Cube in Indonesia


IO – Sipping coffee has been a habit of Indonesian society for a long time. Coffee does have many benefits such as increasing energy and as a mood booster, because it contains caffeine. When you sip coffee, the caffeine that is absorbed by the body will reach the brain through the bloodstream. At that time, the dopamine hormone will come out which will increase and cause a sense of well-being. 

Therefore, drinking coffee while hanging out with relatives and friends is a source of happiness. Well, in recent years there has been a habit of spending time in contemporary coffee shops or cafes that are currently mushrooming in the country. This contemporary coffee cafe provides various types of selected coffee drinks with a place that is not too large or cramped and a comfortable atmosphere for visitors. 

For coffee lovers, there is nothing wrong with visiting the modern coffee cafe, Sudut Pandang Kopi. Davin Cassidy founded Sudut Pandang Kopi (“Coffee Point of View”) in March 2018, with the first outlet at Jalan Tawakal Raya No. 39B, West Jakarta. He chose a location close to offices, campuses, and boarding houses. 

At that time, the man who was born in Jakarta, August 31, 1992, saw the market demand that was booming with the world of coffee and the love of coffee. Therefore, he wanted to create a coffee brand that could provide a new and unique coffee taste to the people of Indonesia. 

“The target is employees who want to have good-tasting coffee on a limited budget, and are lazy to go to the store and want something more practical to cope with the coffee taste that remains consistently bland due to melting ice cubes,” said the owner who has a life motto: “Hard works never betray”. 

Pioneer of the Coffee Cube 

Unlike other coffee shops and coffee brands, Sudut Pandang Kopi carries the concept of 1st Coffee Cube To Go in Indonesia. As a pioneer, Sudut Pandang Kopi uses Coffee Cube as a substitute for ordinary ice cubes for each drink. 

For Davin, Coffee Cube To Go is a solution for people who want to drink coffee without mixing it with melted ice cubes, making the coffee taste bland. However, from the Sudut Pandang Kopi, if the Coffee Cube melts, the taste will be thicker and stronger. 

“To introduce the cafe, we run the strategy of explaining our unique concept of 1st Coffee Cube To Go in Indonesia with the hashtag #goodbyewaterycoffee on Instagram #sudutpandangkopi,” said the man who has an educational background in International Business Double Degree from Binus International X Cologne Business School. 

As for the interior design, Davin chose to bring Tosca as the base colour. Besides, Sudut Pandang Kopi makes the owl as a mascot because an owl is one of the animals that has the widest point of view. 

Sudut Pandang Kopi offers a variety of coffee menus, which consist of Cold Coffee, Creme Series, Non-Coffee, and Hot Drink variants. Cold Coffee consists of Es Coffee Djadoel, Biscoffee, Es Kopi Djawa, Green Tea Iced Coffee, Deadline Ice Coffee, Toro Iced Coffee, Vietnamese Ice Coffee, Chocolate Ice Coffee, and Mochatella. 

The Creme Series menu consists of Lucky Coffee Creme, Choco Creme, Taro Creme, Deadline Creme, and Taro Creme. The Non-Coffee menu consists of Chocolate Latte, Green Tea Latte, Lemon Galaxy, Dark Choco Brownies, Taro Latte, and Biscoffee Milk. Meanwhile, the Hot Drink consists of Djadoel Coffee, Javanese Coffee, Deadline Coffee, Green Tea Latte, Taro Latte, and Chocolate Latte. 

Sudut Pandang Kopi also collaborates with Nutrisari to present a special drink: Nutripunch, consisting of several variants, including Nutripunch Guava, Nutripunch Soursop, and Passion Fruit Nutripunch. Drinking this refreshing drink is one of the fun ways to charge up with Vitamin C. 

Some time ago, Sudut Pandang Kopi collaborated with Coco 9 to accompany the fasting month (Ramadan) at home. This drink uses fresh coconut water, which is beneficial for health. Some of the drink variants include Coco Tropical, Coco Sunset with additional coconut pudding. 

In the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic and the new normal, Davin is pursuing a strategy of selling one liter of Sudut Pandang Kopi so that customers can still enjoy Sudut Pandang Kopi at home with their loved ones. For one-liter drinks, Sudut Pandang Kopi provides several variants such as Seliter Djawa, Seliter Djadoel, Seliter Taro Biscuit Latte, Seliter Green Tea Latte, Seliter Chocolate, and Seliter Deadline. 

In the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic and the new normal, Sudut Pandang Kopi also adheres to health protocols implemented by the government. In a day, Sudut Pandang Kopi can sell as many as 50 to 70 cups at one outlet. Sudut Pandang Kopi is open every day from 08.00 AM to 10.00 PM. 

Opening Partnerships 

Currently, Sudut Pandang Kopi is based in Tanjung Duren, West Jakarta. Sudut Pandang Kopi has 13 branches, including Bali, Pamulang, Slipi, Pasar Baru, Cawang, Tebet, Karawaci, Kelapa Gading, Duta Mas, Cikini, Pekanbaru, Dumai, and Pontianak. Most recently, Sudut Pandang Kopi opened an outlet in Bintaro. 

Since mid-2019, Sudut Pandang Kopi has also opened partnerships. Davin said he wanted to expand his business by introducing the unique concept of Sudut Pandang Kopi to all Indonesians, namely drinking cold coffee does not have to be tasteless because the ice cubes melt, but Davin provided the Coffee Cube solution. 

In this partnership, Sudut Pandang Kopi offers two investment packages, namely the Standard Package and the Complete Package. Standard Package is offered at IDR 59,900,000 and a Complete Package with a value of IDR 69,900,000, excluding space and outlet construction costs. “We have prepared all the equipment, from the production equipment to the online-based cash register,” explained Davin. 

Sudut Pandang Kopi imposes a fixed royalty of IDR 1,000,000 per month to partners. This is the cost of brand maintenance services and the brand development of Sudut Pandang Kopi. They also require partners to buy several main raw materials such as coffee, powder, and all kinds of things related to brands such as packaging. According to Davin, the advantages of the Sudut Pandang Kopi partnership concept are affordable prices and a different concept from other coffee brands. Requirements are only to have a location following the review of the Principal. Besides, partners can experience having a coffee shop with a unique concept and different from other coffee shops throughout Indonesia. 

“We hope that Sudut Pandang Kopi can be far developed, known to the wider community, and have branches throughout Indonesia,” concluded Davin. (Kartika Indah)


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