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“Sudamala: Dari Epilog Calonarang” performance gives a sneak peek into life



The theft enrages Calonarang. She then spreads the plague that causes the citizens dying in mass. The battle between Calonarang and Mpu Bharada was inevitable. Both of them clash with supernatural powers. Calonarang turns into Rangda (a personification of the violent nature of Durga) and Mpu Bharada becomes Barong (a manifestation of Shiva).

Sudamala is a Balinese word with deep meaning. Suddha means clean or pure, while Mala unclean or dirty. In other words, Sudamala means the effort to cleanse from the impure.


It also refers to the multifaceted life of humans with all their differences, problems and feelings. “We want to bring the energy of our close relationships with each other, with humans, with the universe, with nature,” said the producer Happy Salma.

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Happy said that the theme was chosen because it is of great relevance in today’s world. According to her, Sudamala also illustrates that life is not only about winning and losing, but conscience. Interestingly, long before this, it was successfully performed at the Exposition Coloniale Internationale in Paris in 1931. (Umamah Nisa)


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