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“Sudamala: Dari Epilog Calonarang” performance gives a sneak peek into life



Traditional musicians wearing complete makeup such as udeng (Balinese head cloth) for men and Balinese kebaya (long-sleeved blouses and dresses) for women were on stage ready to perform. Some waving yellow leaves and the fragrant aroma of incense. It was as if the audience were teleported to Bali. The night felt magical, intoxicating.

The show began with Balinese dances by Barong (lion) and mask dancers. The rhythm of the Balinese gamelan combined with the graceful moves of dancers transfixed the audience. Then entered Bondres, a royal guard who recounts the story.


Sudamala tells the story of Walu Nateng Dirah, a woman with extraordinary strength and knowledge, and feared by many people. The ruling king even felt threatened.

At first, a peaceful pervades the Kingdom of Dirah. Walu Nateng Dirah, who later became known as Calonarang, rejoiced when a man descended from the king, Mpu Bahula, proposes to her daughter, Ratna Manggali. But it turned out that the marriage is just a ploy by Mpu Bahula, who is sent by his father Mpu Bharada to steal the heirloom that became the source of Queen Ni Calonarang’s magical power.


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