Sunday, June 4, 2023 | 23:41 WIB

Student and worker groups protest fuel price hike near Horse Monument


Demonstrasi BBM

Congress Alliance of the Indonesian Labour Unions (KASBI) chair Nining Elitos said that there were a number of demands made by the workers.

“First, to cancel the fuel prices hike, lower prices of daily necessities because people are struggling due to stagnant income and retrenchments, in villages and cities. Then repeal the Omnibus (Job Creation) Law, including cancelling the revised Penal Code bill,” said Nining.

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He further said the people have been put under more pressure by the fuel price hike. Nining said today’s protest is a warning to the government. He appealed to the government not to issue policies that harm the public, especially the working class. (rr)


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