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Strengthening Indonesia-Qatar ties through coffee


Kopi Togetherness
(IO/Pramita Hendra)

Coffee was brought to Indonesia by the Dutch around the 1700s to be cultivated in Batavia (now Jakarta). It then becomes a high-value export commodity.

According to Rony, Indonesia has the capacity to increase its coffee exports because its coffee has distinctive taste and is well-loved by coffee connoisseurs. “In fact, Indonesian speciality Kopi Luwak has been named by the Guinness World Record as the most expensive coffee in the world,” he said.

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It can sell for US$300 dollars per half a kilogram. Apart from the quality aspect, coffee bean production should be maximized to improve the welfare of coffee farmers. According to Rony, coffee-based agroforestry provides economic benefits because it has been proven to increase coffee quality and production. In addition, the land management method is environmentally friendly. (bp)


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