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Stories of ordeal from Indonesians in Sudan, from explosions to long journey back home 


Jakarta, IO – Sarniah, 31, and her two children looked exhausted when approached her among the 385 Indonesian citizens who were evacuated from Sudan. She and hundreds of other evacuees have just arrived at the hajj dormitory, Pondok Gede, Friday (28/4) after a long journey from Khartoum via Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The Serang resident admitted that she did not have time to bring anything from her residence in Sudan. Nevertheless, she is grateful that she is able to return to Indonesia safely. Sarniah said Khartoum’s tense situation had made it difficult for her.

“There were shortages of everything, there were bombs, there was gunfight, the food stalls were also closed, there was no water. I am very grateful to the Social Affairs Ministry is providing logistical aids,” said Sarniah.

She said she worked as a household assistant in Sudan for eight years. However, she has no plan of returning there even if the security situation improves.

A different story was conveyed by Arya Restu Nugraha, 23. The international student at the University of Africa (IUA) said he would return if the conflict subsided. Arya is in his seventh semester, so it is impossible for him to return empty handed without a diploma.

“The university said they will provide online lectures. But I will definitely go back. I’m not afraid, it’s normal,” said Arya, who hails from Riau.

Arya recounted that the first time he heard the sound of explosions and gunfire around him near the campus dormitory. He said he did not expect the situation to quickly descend into a civil war.


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