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Stillwater Coffee & Co: A cup of coffee and a sandwich a la American coffee shop


IO – Sipping a cup of coffee and enjoying a bite of tasteful sandwich surely will ease your mind, especially when you are hungry and still stuck on the way because of a traffic jam. If you are around Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, you can stop for a moment at Stillwater Coffee & Co, which located on Jalan Gunawarman. 

Chef Vania Wibisono is the figure behind Stillwater Coffee & Co. which has been established since December 5, 2017. Chef Vania gave the name Stillwater because the base of coffee-making in her cafe still uses plain water (water), meanwhile, in the United States, some coffees use water or sparkling water. 

Stillwater was also a pattern she used when she went to school in the United States. Chef Vania, besides being an alumnus of the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Indonesia, is a Culinary Arts graduate from the Institute of Santa Monica, Los Angeles, United States. 


Chef Vania makes the coffee shop based on her passion, so her concern is the authenticity of the menus. “We give the best and hopefully people like it,” said Chef Vania. 

Stillwater Coffee & Co is a boutique coffee shop and sandwich serving signature coffee and toasteria, with a relaxed and designed atmosphere as cozy as possible. The interior is minimalist and warm, not too rigid and luxurious. 

For this reason, Chef Vania hopes that visitors will not be reluctant to enter the cafe to only buy a cup of coffee, then chat for hours. Chef Vania believes people don’t always eat in fancy places for meetings or just drink coffee. With its strategic location, being in a prime location makes it easy for anyone to visit Stillwater, even those who are stuck in traffic can stop by for a moment. Its market segment is the upper-middle class. 

“Initially there was a friend who offered the location for a coffee shop here. With the target of the middle class and above but we peg our prices are as small as possible to reach all, our prices can be half of the cafes around this area,” said chef born on September 2, 1979. 

For visitors who want privacy, Stillwater Coffee & Co provides a VIP room that can accommodate around seven people. Overall, Stillwater Coffee & Co can accommodate around 25-30 visitors. 

Featured Menu 

Stillwater Coffee & Co wants to provide the best experience with a choice of coffee and delicious food, specializing in handmade bread choices. As per the concept, Stillwater Coffee & Co serves American Coffee Shop food and beverages menus such as coffee and grab to-go sandwiches. 

“For the concept of why it is considered gourmet because in the coffee shop we choose our coffee. Our coffee beans are customized, we blend them so we can get good quality with good taste,” explained Chef Vania. 

For drinks, Stillwater Coffee & Co also serves Coffee Latte, Brown Matcha, Milk Coffee, Coffee Milkshakes, Ice Chocolate, Ginger Cappuccino, and others. Visitors can request a latte art design on top of their cup of coffee. The superior menu is the Grill Cheese Sandwich. Stillwater Coffee & Co also has a variety of sandwich menus, such as Classic Sandwich with smoked beef and cheese filling. Other menus are Klepon Cake Viral, Zebra Classic Charcoal, Classic Toast, Homemade Toast Bread, Grilled Black Pepper Chicken, Japanese Charcoal Toast Bread, Tornado Swirl Toast, Fried Chocolate Banana Blend, Crispy Cassava, and others. 

In addition, Stillwater Coffee & Co also serves a food package menu with Hot Americano drinks. For example, Chocolate Cheese Brule, Peanut Butter Marshmallow, Cheese Milk Brule, Chocolate Marshmallow, and Chocolate Sprinkle. Other package menus with hot coffee latte are Scramble Egg and Beef Bacon. 

All menus are processed using high quality, fresh ingredients, such as eggs, butter, and milk. Food and drinks are also free of preservatives, dyes, and chemicals. Stillwater Coffee & Co presents halal menus that are suitable for Indonesian people. 

Until now, Stillwater Coffee & Co has not yet opened any other branch. The number of visitors who come during weekdays and weekends varies. “We have our prime time, usually during the weekend in the afternoon,” said the woman who goes by a “positive thinking” principle in life. 

Chef Vania hopes that Stillwater Coffee & Co will be more crowded in the future. She also has the desire to present the concept of healthy food that can help Indonesian people become healthier during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Healthy food will increase immunity, served with good ambiance, and a cup of coffee; then people will be happy to eat in Stillwater and a lot more will become a hardcore fans of the cafe. “In the future, I am interested in opening a health food supermarket,” said the chef who had been a judge of Cooking Masters. Stillwater Coffee & Co opens from 07.00 every morning until 22.00 WIB, providing menus from breakfast to dinner. (Kartika Indah)


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