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Step into aerial gondola experience at Timang beach


IO, Jakarta – Wandering around Gunung Kidul coastline is a nev­er-ending journey, because of the enormous choice of beautiful white sandy beaches along the edge, sur­rounded by ridges of jagged rock. Among these, around Tepus district there is one beautiful place to stop over, which is Timang beach. Al­though it’s currently less accessible with private or public vehicles, I nev­er thought of enjoying Gunung Kidul southern coast without visiting this hidden beauty. Despite its splendid nature, this beach is also occupied by several kinds of extreme activities to try, ones that you will not find else­where.

Timang beach is located at Pe­dring, Purwodadi Village, Tepus Dis­trict, Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogya­karta. From Yogyakarta city centre, this place can be reached within a two to three-hour drive; later, the sign of your arrival there will only a simple car park built by locals.

Upon your arrival, the sound of the waves is clearly occupying your head whilst the white foam sweeps over the sandy shore. Timang Beach is actually split into two different ar­eas: the eastern part is a white sandy beach, while on the western side are steep rocky hills over the coastline. On this rocky shore, the scenery will be very beautiful as there is a rock formation standing firmly next to the beach. This small coral island is known as Batu Panjang or Panjang Island.

This is the place for visitors ahead of what is called extreme activities journey. Inspired by the cable car in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, a gon­dola lift structure made from wood is available to spur visitors’ adrena­line, and it has been operating since 1997. However, this gondola system is still manually operated, unlike the automotive cable car in Taman Mini. There are nine large ropes acting as the main track; straps are laid over the sea towards the small coral is­land, and the pulley works to drag the gondola.

Actually, the gondola is the main source of transportation for local fish­ermen in their quest to find lobsters around coral island, as this place is widely known as one of the lobsters’ habitable zones. From November to February when the lobster popula­tion increases, fishermen can har­vest up to 30 kilos per day, placing lobster pots out from 4 pm to 4 am. These lobsters will be sold at seafood restaurants inside and outside Yog­yakarta. In fact, this commodity has even reached overseas markets like Australia and Japan.

Today, apart from only supporting fisherman’s livelihood, this gondola is also available in advancing a tourism experience for those who are willing to spur their adrenaline. Fishermen are available to facilitate the chance at a fair cost. However, visitors should be aware that this is a simple facili­ty made by fishermen, not a decent tourism facility provided by the gov­ernment. You thus have to take care of your own safety and never board without courage. Adrenaline will peak when you’re crossing right above the ocean with the monstrous waves far below you. Inside the gondola, you just have to hold on tight to ensure a safe journey, whilst fisherman do their job in pulling the rope lever.

After spurring your adrenaline over the ocean, it’s good to stay lon­ger in Bukit Panjang whilst waiting for the sunset. This kind of moment is guaranteed to discharge burdens from your mind, work deadlines, and all the city bustle and exhaust smells.

If you can spare a chance to visit Yogyakarta, don’t let Timang Beach slip off your travel list. As one of the most exotic and secluded beaches, Independent Observer highly rec­ommends this place to be featured on your must-try destination list in town.


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