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Speaker of the House: Prioritize peaceful and humanitarian diplomacy in Intan Jaya, Papua


IO – The Chairman of DPR RI, Puan Maharani, encourages the government to carry out peaceful diplomacy in resolving the current conflict in Intan Jaya, Papua. According to her, all parties must put forward humanity in responding to the various conflicts throughout the Land of Papua. “Carry out peaceful diplomacy by prioritizing humanity in dealing with various cases in Papua,” said Puan in her release, Tuesday (13/10/2020). 

The PDI-P politician emphasized that the government must pay serious attention to several cases of violence that occurred in Intan Jaya Papua Regency. In particular, the guarantee of protection for civil society. Puan said that currently the government’s attention has been manifested by channeling a special allocation funds (DAK) which must be balanced with supervision. The goal is that the use of DAK is right on target and benefits the community at large. 

What’s more, Puan also appreciated the Joint Fact-Finding Team (TGPF) formed by the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs, consisting of members from a combination of community leaders, religious leaders, youth leaders, witness protection agencies, the TNI, Polri, and BIN, for their commitment to completing the investigation of the shooting case at Intan Jaya. “DPR appreciates the commitment of the Joint Fact-Finding Team (TGPF) to complete the investigation despite being the target of an armed criminal group (KKB) in Intan Jaya, Papua,” concluded the politician from the Central Java V electoral district. 

Leader of the Joint Fact-Finding Team (TGPF) Benny J Mamoto said that field data collection was very important to clarify the events that occurred. “TGPF immediately made a report, analyzed, evaluated, and drew conclusions and made recommendations regarding the violence in Sugapa, Intan Jaya Regency last September. Regarding the content and result, of course, we must first report to our leader as the responsibility for carrying out our duties,” explained Benny Mamoto. 

TGPF appreciates the support from all parties who have helped in carrying out this task. Benny continued that even though the team experienced technical problems or problems in the field, they could be overcome. In this way, the assigned tasks must be done or resolved properly so that the truth of the problems that occur in the community can be revealed. The two-star retired Polri officer said that the completion of data collection and field information on cases of violence in Intan Jaya could not be separated from the support of the TNI and Polri who had facilitated, escorted, and secured team members. (Dan)


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