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Sombori Island is becoming an attraction for travelers


IO – As the largest archipelago country in the world, Indonesia has never stopped presenting a fascinating natural charisma. Many hidden islands are slowly beginning to manifest themselves and become an attraction for tourists both from within and abroad.

Like Sombori Island, a group of islands located in Morowali district, Central Sulawesi is slowly starting to steal the show. Beautiful corals that look as if floats on the gradations of blue and navy blue sea water make it more exotic. No wonder Sombori Island is also called ‘Raja Ampatnya’ Sulawesi.

Tourists who want to enjoy the natural scenery of Sombori Island, can go to Cliffs of Kahyangan and take selfies. Kahyangan cliffs have become one of the favorite spots though to get there, tourists must pass rocks granite and corals are quite steep. However, the struggle towards the cliff of Kahyangan immediately paid off by a beautiful panorama typical Sombori. From this place, tourists can see the view from a height like cluster of coral hills or small islands scattered around Sombori Island. It can be said, the scenery here is not much different from Raja Ampat which is already known by tourists.

Diving in Sombori Island, enjoying the beauty of nature. (photo: IO/Pramitha)

The place is not as wide as Raja Ampat, but the island of 147,700 ha is worth juxtaposed with the number one tourist destination in Papua. Dive activities here are the most favorite. Like seeing a giant aquarium, undersea explorers will be lulled by the beautiful sea of ​​Sulawesi. Besides, there was a fishing boat for the sake of luck seeing dolphins and whales in the crystal clear sea.

Not only diving, there are also mandatory activities during the Sombori is to explore the Diamond Cave. This cave has a sparkling stalactite when exposed to light. With a height of 10 meters above sea level, traveler must climb the cliff with a 70-80 degree slope to reach the location.

Another cave is the existing Skull Cave located at an altitude of 40 meters above sea level. In it, it is said there is a human skull that has not been known of its origin. Destinations here are more interesting with the presence of the Bajo Tribe. The daily life of the famous Bajo Tribe as a tough sailor becomes its own beauty frame in Sombori.

And no less interesting, try to board a fishing boat and get around enjoying the beauty of Sombori Island. If lucky, tourists can find dolphins and whale sharks chasing fish.

The trip to Sombori Island is not too difficult. For those who want to leave Jakarta, can go directly to Haluoleo Airport in Kendari City, then proceed to Laimeo Pier to board the boat with travel time for one hour to get to Sombori Island. (Pramitha Hendra)


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