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Snorkeling at Menjangan Island underwater paradise


Banyuwangi, IO – Menjangan Island is a feast for the eyes of travelers to Banyuwangi Regency, East Java. After indulging in the natural beauty of “the Land of Blambangan,” tourists can enjoy the beautiful expanse of coral on the island that lies in the Strait of Bali.

Administratively, Menjangan Island is part of the Province of Bali. Because it is located in the middle of the strait, this tiny island can be accessed from Bali and Banyuwangi. From the Grand Watu Dodol beach, it takes about one and a half minutes by boat. As its name suggests, the island is a deer habitat.

On Monday (25/4), Independent Observer and several participants had the opportunity to visit the island at the western tip of Bali. Five boats took us across at 8.30 am WIB, setting off from Grand Watu Dodol.

Local tourists snorkel on Menjangan Island (IO/Aini Tartinia)

“The trip to Menjangan is about 45 minutes, it takes an hour at the most,” informed our tour guide Restu.

The weather at that time was sunny and the sky was clear and blue. The waves were calm, about 30 centimeters, so the journey was quite smooth. Along the way, we were treated to the scenery of rocky outcrops. “This is Menjangan Island,” said Restu.

About 48 minutes later, our boat arrived at the destination. There were 10 boats docking at the narrow pier. Getting off the boat and walking into the island, we passed a small gate marked Menjangan Island. There is also a hall and several small gazebos.


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