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Snoring may indicate onset of forgetfulness


Dr. dr. Elvie Zulka K. Rachmawati, Sp.THTKL(K)
Dr. dr. Elvie Zulka K. Rachmawati, Sp.THTKL(K) (Source: RSCM)

OSA indirectly increases driving accident rates, as well as lowering productivity and life quality. “OSA is a risk factor for brain blood vessels, heart, and blood sugar regulation, down the line. There’s a myth that only fat, or at least obese, adult males suffer from OSA. A lot of studies have proven that the ratio of women suffering from it is the same as that of men, especially among menopausal women. Even thin people can suffer from OSA. This is generally caused by abnormal head and neck anatomy, specifically, the shape of the chin, the tongue, the throat, or the nose,” Dr. Zulka, her nickname, said. 

A Tendency to Hyperactivity 

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) may result when stomach acids rise back up to the esophagus, which connects the throat and the stomach. Can this also cause OSA? 

“That’s correct: GERD can trigger OSA, and vice versa. In GERD, the rising of stomach acids to the throat causes inflammation, which in turn makes the body respond by collapsing the respiratory tract. This tract should have opened up automatically when we breathe oxygen in. However, reduced sensitivity causes the tract to remain closed in this case. To repeat: OSA can cause your stomach acid to rise, but rising stomach acid can also cause OSA in turn. Therefore, please live a healthy lifestyle to prevent this from happening,” she said. 


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