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Smart people care more about health


IO, Jakarta – “Health isn’t interesting when we still have it, we only want health when it is gone”. This quote from Ade Rai shows people’s indifference towards the importance of health.

Ade Rai departed from professional bodybuilding in 2000 and is now in the business of healthy living. He still exercises up to 15 times a week and maintains his food intake. “Food is not either forbidden or allowed but everything needs a strategy. So, I have to maintain my dietary habits. Controlling what goes into my mouth to help me reach my goals, have more muscles, less fat levels. Is it possible to eat fried foods and get larger muscles with less fat? Of course not. Drinking syrups or alcohol while wanting a six-pack? The answer is no,” he said smiling.

Ade is very selective of what he consumes in his everyday life. He stays away from fried foods and gets his carbohydrates from red and black rice, and sweet potatoes as they have a low glycemic index. He also limits his intake of sweet food and food using flour.

Ade consumes 30 grams of protein per meal, an equivalent to one portion of steak, two chicken breasts, or 10 egg whites. He prefers to get protein and vegetables from grilled, roasted, broiled, and boiled dishes and stays away from fried dishes as they use a large amount of oil and butter.

However, even with Ade’s strict dietary routine he still eats fast food every so often. For him, eating fast food is only to fulfill an immediate desire and must be balanced out with exercise.

For Ade, health is an investment. As a result, his business isn’t far from the world of exercise. In 1997, Ade established Klub Ade Rai, and in 2009 he built Rai Fitness. Not only that, but Ade also created Rai Institute. “Rai Institute is an educational academy or institute under the guidance of a number of fitness experts. Currently, the demand in human capital is increasing in the fitness world but there is no place to learn. So, I am trying to make a school; recently there have been many requests from various fitness places,” he said.

Rai Institute is a virtual school similar to an online university. “People buy packages, they learn, there are books, there are videos with various tips which must be learned. Then they participate in a workshop, and then take an examination and are certified,” he continued.

Ade Rai told the Independent Observer the reason he started such a business. “When I entered the business world, it was not to find money but more because I had experience in having a healthy body. Why shouldn’t I share my experience with others? If I can have a healthy body then how can others also become healthy? So, what can we do? Make an activity that makes people healthier, educates them, gives them exercise facilities, and makes sports events. So that is what I did. The business is not for enriching myself or for getting a large income but more for helping people overcome the challenges they face in the field of health. If in the process of doing this I receive financial success, then that I am thankful for,” he explained.

Although competition in this sector is quite fierce, Ade doesn’t think about it. “For me, based on my experience as an athlete, we train not because we see our opponents but most importantly how we focus on ourselves. The challenge for our business is how can we can make our health facility benefit many people. The problem of competition is out of our hands. What we consider when we own a gym is how we can benefit our members. I have always believed that we live in a sea full of fortune, full of diamonds, so when they progress, we can progress, we progress, others can progress. I see in this business world; number 1-100 can all get something. Everyone can get something as long as they truly intend on running a business. It is as if we all have our own fortunes. Winning is not about being better than others but our being better than our previous selves. So, with this competition we can progress together, competition motivates us not the other way around,” he said.

Ade believes that Indonesians still have a poor understanding of health. “There is no need to promote health as if someone is sick they themselves pay the cost. Most of us, as a result of limited information, when we get sick, the problem isn’t us but rather germs, friends, Bakso street vendors, or even the weather. Wise people learn from the mistakes of others, smart people, they learn from their own mistakes, as a lesson. Stupid people never learn from their own mistakes. When we look at health claims, from 100 people that go to the hospital, 85 are sick because of their own doing, 15 because of accidents and things out of their own control. Degenerative diseases happen purely because of the behavior of the people who have them,” he explained.

According to Ade, health isn’t the most important thing but without health, the most important thing cannot be obtained. Health is a requirement. “Coincidently we are in a business which is related to health, so it is fun. This business will never stop giving because everyone needs it,” he ended.

Currently, there are a tremendous number of exercises according to Ade Rai, all having their own high points. “There are so many creativities. All have their own approaches. Which ones are good cannot be said,” he asserted. There are a variety of exercises but everyone is comfortable with something different. Exercise can be done anywhere without any equipment. A simple rope can be enough.

However, if you want a complete experience there are fitness centers. Fitness centers are like schools, health centers, and education. The human resources are complete and the equipment is great. “If you have the chance, please do so. In your own home is also fine, especially as in the digital era information is easy to obtain. All activities are about what’s right for the individual,” he explained.

What is important is that exercise must be done no matter your schedule. Ade says that everyone must have that awareness. Do it as an investment in yourself. (Dessy Aipipidely)


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