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Small-scale riot breaks out in Yogyakarta due to assault of martial art school member


Jakarta, IO – Riots took place at number of locations in the city of Yogyakarta, Sunday (4/6).  It was allegedly the result of an incident of fatal assault at Parangtritis Beach last week.

The brawl led to the death of Ali Sutanto who turned out to be a member of the Persatuan Setia Hati Terate (PSHT) martial arts school and Parangtritis SAR leader. He was beaten by a football supporter named Brajamusti, reported, Monday (5/6).

At that time, Ali tried to break up the commotion between local residents and the unruly football fans who did not like that they were chided by local residents due to their disorderly conduct.

As a result, on Sunday (4/6) afternoon, around 4:30pm, hundreds of people who were suspected of being members of a martial arts school descended on Kenari Street near the Yogyakarta cityhall. The group planned to visit the supporters’ basecamp at Mandala Krida Stadium to respond to the Parangtritis incident.

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Police from the Umbulharjo precinct and Yogyakarts mobile brigade (Brimob) as well as personnel from the Umbulharjo subdistrict military command (Koramil) 0734/07 barricaded them to prevent potential riots. This prompted them to throw stones in stone at officers.

At 5.30pm WIB, the crowd was pushed back and dispersed. Police maintained their presense to prevent the crowd from regrouping and avoid further clashes. The situation was brought under control at 7pm WIB. (un)


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