Slingshot: glorifying a traditional game

Aiming at the target and concentrating on the target is the key. (IO/Pramita Hendra)

Jakarta, IO – Millennials are probably estranged from the use of a slingshot, a popular toy back in the 80s and 90s, used to hunt down some small animals. Fell off the radar; this cross-generation game has apparently been categorized into traditional Indonesian sports. With its own eccentricity, the slingshot sport seeks to accurately target aims. 

General Chairperson of Perkatin, Pitung, training his members to shoot bullets made of iron ore at the right target. (IO/Pramita Hendra)

To uplift the slingshot game into the community, members of the slingshot community of Tanjung Barat Bersatu (Katababe) conducted a slingshot shooting practice in the Tanjung Barat area, Jagakarsa, South Jakarta, Sunday (6/26/2022).