Sleman’s 2023 Calendar of Events

Van der Wijck
The Van der Wijck Festival. (Source: Special)

Sleman, IO – The Government of Sleman is launching the Sleman 2023 Calendar of Events. The official launching is being held in Atrium Shinta, Sleman City Hall, on Friday, 20 January 2023. It is meant to promote the various events that will be held in Sleman through the year, whether by the Central Government, private enterprises, or any tourism stakeholder in the Regency. At least 60 local, national, and international events are planned for 2023. 

Jogja International Heritage Walk. (Source: Special)

Highlighted events include the Van der Wijck Festival (2-3 June 2023), a recently created festival that contains various traditional celebrations around the Van der Wijck Canal area; the Prambanan Jazz Festival (7-9 July and 14-16 July 2023); the Tour de Merapi (25 July 2023); the Sleman Creative Week (20-22 October 2023); the Sleman Temple Run (5 November 2023); Ngayogjazz (18 November 2023); and Jogja International Heritage Walk (18-19 November 2023). 

Ngalap berkah
Ngalap berkah apeman, striving to catch the blessed apem cake in Wonolelo. (Source: Special)

As part of the Special Region of Yogyakarta, Sleman will naturally participate in traditional rituals like the Labuhan Merapi, Upacara Adat Tuk si Bedhug, Upacara Bersih Desa Mbah Bergas, Upacara Adat Bathok Bolu, Upacara Adat Surah Mbah Demang, Upacara Merti Bumi Kaliurang, Upacara Sapara Ki Ageng Wonolelo, Upacara Adat Bekakak, and Upacara Merti Bumi Tunggul Arum. Find out more about them! It’s truly a pity if you miss the chance to participate in these age-old cultural events.