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IO, Jakarta – The quality of a mattress can affect a person’s sleep. Indicators of mattress selection are usually seen from the material, price, size, and thickness level, in the form of a hard or soft mattress.

Today, there are still many people who prefer soft mattresses for sleeping, because they are considered the most comfortable. In fact, a soft mattress is not always that good for the body, because it imposes uneven weight, which stresses the spine and waist, impeding proper rest. Ideally, the choice of a mattress should be adjusted to the needs of each body. For example, for people with large postures or people with spinal problems, a hard mattress that can support their body weight evenly is more appropriate.

The choice of an inappropriate mattress runs the risk of exacerbating various health problems, including increased stress, back pain, degradation of the immune system, and impaired concentration.

Michael J. Breus, Ph.D., an American sleep expert, suggests that when you buy a new mattress, you should try lying on various models for 10-15 minutes in the sleeping position you normally assume at home, as everyone has different needs for a bed. If you cannot find a comfortable position when trying the mattress, it means that the mattress is not suitable for your body.

In this era of new normality, buying and trying out mattresses directly day, December 28, 2020. In contrast to other similar web commerce, is equipped with innovative Mattress Selector technology which allows consumers to get a mattress according to the needs of the body and their budget.

To use this feature, consumers only need to enter personal data, such as a profile of the one who will use the mattress, sleeping position, and weight, reasons for buying a new mattress, sleep problems experienced, and the budget available to buy a mattress. If the data is complete, will display an appropriate mattress fitting each consumer’s preferences.

“We always try to provide the best for consumers, by keeping up with the digital era. with the first Mattress Selector technology in Indonesia is here as a solution for consumers to still get a mattress that suits their needs without having to leave the house,” said Mukti Argo, Group Brand Manager.

Mukti added that apart from the Mattress Selector technology, is also equipped with features that can compare one product with another, making it easier for consumers to appreciate the advantages of each product. “With this innovation, it is hoped that consumers will not only feel comfortable but also have a pleasant experience while shopping at Sleepandco, id,” he said. presents a variety of sleep and relaxation products, from premium brands such as Aireloom, King Koil, Serta, Tempur, Florence, and Ogawa. Not only technology, but innovation is also carried out, in terms of service and delivery, to satisfy consumers, so that products can be guaranteed to arrive on time and safely.

“Items ordered through will be delivered directly from the Sleep & Co boutique in Jakarta. The delivery of bedding products takes place through a third party, while the delivery of mattresses is carried out by DAP internally with estimated delivery of 10-14 days. All deliveries are confirmed to apply standard health protocols,” explained Christine Setiawan as Head of Direct Sales.

To provide convenience for consumers in concluding transactions, payment at can be transacted with credit cards, internet banking, and through bank transfers. Digital innovation and services through are able to complement DAP services as well providing comfort, safety, and convenience in shopping for mattress products and accessories for sleeping needs. Going forward, will present other features that will make it easier for Indonesian consumers to shop for their bedroom needs and accessories.


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