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Skye, a lifestyle landmark in the heart of the Capital


IO, Jakarta – Jakarta hosts plen­ty of places where you can dine, drink, and dress up properly on an evening out. From rooftops to clubs, nightlife spots available for those who are looking for leisure options while escaping from daily routines.

One of the restaurants that presents different charms among its kind is Skye Jakarta. Glamorous, exclusive, and modern are what is perceived when enter­ing the Skye. Located in the heart of the capital, Skye will show the other side of Jakarta, especially at night. A beautiful night view of Jakarta skyscrapers is available to delight you.

Skye is situated on the highest floor of BCA Tower, on the 56th level. Skye has private elevator ac­cess for their guests right from the ground floor. Divided into two sec­tions, the bistro and lounge, it cre­ates a perfect place for those who wish to enjoy dinner or just relax with colleagues while enjoying su­perb skyline views. Being on the 56th floor, Skye provides a pleasur­able sight on every capital corner.

Entering the place, every visitor is required to place a deposit of Rp 250,000/person. This is the min­imum transaction for patrons to swap for food and drinks. Skye also sets a dress standard for its visitors – no sandals for sure. Ahead of your arrival, make sure your appearance is already in accord with Skye man­agement rules.

Late afternoon is the perfect time to enjoy the best city views; a reddish sky and emerging lights in town. Because it is located in the city centre, access to Skye will be hampered by congestion. But your struggle will be compensated for once you enter this restaurant and bar areas which are under the pa­tronage of Ismaya Group.

Skye has two main dining areas. Escaping the elevator you walk to the right if you want to enjoy indoor serving meals with architectural domination of wooden elements and rocky walls.

There is a set of wooden fur­niture and comfy sky-coloured couches which create a calm and peaceful ambience. If you want to enjoy the indoor state while staring at the city views, you can take a seat next to the window.

If the in­door area offers an elegant setting suitable for business meetings or intimate conversations, the out­door area presents a very different feel. Small pool and rooftop area are available where you can sit and sip whilst enjoying a selection of cock­tails, finger foods, and bar comforts along with the magnificent view of skyscrapers.

You can sit on comfy couch­es next to the pool, or just stand around while holding a casual con­versation, accompanied by stun­ning twilight scenes on the skyline. For the poolside table, you will be charged a minimum payment of Rp 2,500,000.

Enough with the scenery; now it’s time to review the food. Most of the items offered are fusion foods. As an appetizer, you can try typi­cal Mexican Crispy Shrimp Taco, a tortilla bread filled with crispy shrimps, a sprinkling of lemon­grass, covered with special sauces, thus presenting an exotic flavor.

Considering the main menu, you need to try Beef Short Rib, sprinkled with Emmental cheese sauce and gremolata mint. This meal is as incredible as it tastes; you will feel dynamic sensations in every bite.

Spoil your beverage appetite with signature cocktails, especially Tropical Mojito, possessing fresh taste in each gulp which really de­lights your mood. Great food, nice drinks, comfy and fun spots, also magnificent views all around: Skye price is obviously on par with the facilities provided. For those who want to visit Skye, the Independent Observer recommends placing a reservation in advance via tele­phone.

Skye is open every day, with Sunday to Thursday operational hours from 10 am – 1 am and on Fridays, Saturdays, or Public Holi­days operating from 10 am – 2 am.

As one of the exclusive and glitzy bars, it earns the highest recom­mendation from Independent Ob­server as an alternative destination for those who want to have a good time with colleagues above the met­ropolitan city bustle. (Aldo)


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