Skinel Glowing Bar answers facial care needs amidt the pandemic

(Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO – Currently, the need for facial skincare is increasing, and one’s public image depends on the health of facial skin. Skinel Glow was thus born amid a pandemic, as skincare that brings new technology to answer the need to stay bright and radiant all day long.

Carrying the concept of “quality products at affordable prices”, Skinel Glow presents a superior skin glass treatment series of products, consisting of daily day cream, whitening serum, mandelic acid water, micellar water, and glutathione chromanyl cream. The Skinel Glow series has been formulated to treat the invisible balance of the skin microbiome on our faces. We must keep this diversity in the balance as the first line of defense for our skin. 

Skinel Glowing Bar has been registered with BPOM certification, as possessing effective ingredients to brighten, moisturize, control sebum production, prevent acne, and increase facial skin elasticity. Skinel continues to increase its features to present skincare products that will be a solution to various problems. This is in line with the campaign program in its launch, towards the end of 2020: “Skinel Beauty Morning”, which invites skinel users to routinely use a series of Skinel skincare products nightly, so they can have a #BeautyMorning! Facial skin will feel supple, brighter, and have increased glow with regular use.

“Our difference from similar products is that we want to create international-quality products at affordable prices. We pay attention to the formulation of our products using premium-quality ingredients and modern technology, so that we create products that suit the needs of today’s and future skins,” said the owner of Skinel Glow Skincare, Indah Warsetio.

Glow skinel products have been sold online since their launch. “We hope that skinel can be a solution for facial skincare following the needs of the current pandemic; the large variety of microbiomes, such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi are our concern, in the quest to provide good facial care” she continued.

Skinel Glow has conducted surveys and research since 2019, in order to develop quality products like those offered today. Even though they were launched in the difficult environment of the COVID-19 pandemic, the sales of skincare cosmetics and requests to become reseller agents in these areas have been very positive and that has also been recorded by Skinel Glow management.

“We launched during the COVID-19 pandemic; it turns out that the response to demand as a reseller has increased. Sales are stable, and even tending to increase. This may be because awareness of the need to care for the skin is getting higher,” added Indah. And now, Skinel Glowing Bar is ready to pamper Indonesians with excellent skin care.