Singapore will not take sides


Singapore aggressively encourages other major countries to interfere in Southeast Asian politics in addition to seeking a balance between China and the United States since it does not want any one state to control the region. Despite placing a high value on security cooperation with the United States, it keeps a certain amount of distance from the country and has not signed an alliance treaty. 

Singapore aggressively encourages India and Japan to become more powerful in Southeast Asia. Singapore makes an effort to actively engage in diverse regional economic cooperation and avoid only depending on the market of one large nation when it comes to economic cooperation. Singapore is a participant in the three main frameworks for economic cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region, including the RCEP, CPTPP, and IPEF. 

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Singapore also values some international relations norms highly, including respect for sovereignty and the adjudication of conflicts by peaceful means. Singapore has distinct approaches regarding China and Russia regardless of whether China and Russia form a camp since these principles are beneficial to the existence of tiny countries. Singapore swiftly denounced Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and joined the list of nations imposing sanctions on the country. For Singapore, Russia’s actions set a horrible example of how a large country may oppress a small one. In other words, Singapore won’t take a position in the near future but will stick to its diplomatic stance of promoting balance among the world’s main countries. (M.Raihan Ronodipuro)

M.Raihan Ronodipuro earned a Master of Law in International Relations from the School of International and Public Affairs at Jilin University in China. He serves as an Associate Researcher in the Department of Politics and Security at the Center for Indonesia-China Studies (CICS).