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Sigi Wimala: A celebrity enjoying Borobudur Marathon route


IO – Sigi Wimala, celebrity and brand ambassador for the Borobudur Marathon, exhibited a different sort of enthusiasm compared to last year’s event. “This time, I wasn’t looking for a hard slog. Instead, I wanted to enjoy the beautiful view around Borobudur,” said Sigi, who took part in the half marathon spanning 21,097 km. 

The Borobudur Marathon started and finished in Lumbini Park in the Borobudur Temple area, Magelang, Center Java on Sunday, November 17. 

“I again ran the same route but with different enthusiasm. Last year, I indeed wanted to finish as fast as possible but unfortunately many good views were missed along the route. This time I wanted to enjoy it and take photos,” she said. 

Sigi chose to take part in the half marathon as she had previously taken part in the New York Marathon. “Those are the rules: we can’t take part in (various) marathons in a certain timeframe. There has to be a resting period,” she said. “I don’t want to force my body; Borobudur Marathon is also a recovery event (for me).” 

Last year, Sigi finished in 2 hours and 30 minutes. This year, she finished in 2 hours 33 minutes and 12 seconds. 

The Borobudur Marathon is the reason Sigi returned to the world of running after having taken a break. “I momentarily stopped running in 2013, and started running again because I became the brand ambassador of the Borobudur Marathon,” she said. 

Sigi wanted to spread the positive energy from the Borobudur Marathon. “The Borobudur Marathon 2019 offers a unique experience, as it is different from normal marathons. This year everything was prepared and planned very thoroughly. So, it can be said, this year’s marathon has gone up a class,” said Sigi. 

Sigi is also ready to take part again in the Borobudur Marathon next year. (rp) 


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