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Si.Se.Sa. shar’i ready-to-wear boutique, now in Bandung


IO, Bandung – Si.Se.Sa., the pioneering deluxe shar’i ready-to-wear fashion brand. Established in 2011, now it has 10 boutiques distributed throughout Indonesia. The brand “Si.Se.Sa.” is made out of the first syllables of senior fashion designer and founder’ Merry Pramono’s daughters’ names: Siriz Tentani, Senaz Nasansia, and Sansa Enandera. With the tagline “Indonesia’s Leading Syar’i”, Merry hopes that Si.Se.Sa will continue to become first in generating creative, innovative, inspiring, and original fashion works that satisfy market dynamism. 

Si.Se.Sa.’s ten branches are located in Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Makassar, Banjarmasin, Pekanbaru, Balikpapan, Yogyakarta, Cirebon, and Palembang. Now, with the coming of the New Year 2020, Si.Se.Sa. opens its 11th branch in Bandung, at Jl. Sulanjana 15, Tamansari, Bandung Wetan, Bandung, West Java. Si.Se.Sa.’s presence in many regions is meant to allow Sisesalovers to get their beloved Si.Se.Sa. original collections easier.

The Bandung Grand Opening is mostly a trunk show that shows off Si.Se.Sa.’s latest exclusive collection, especially those that are sold only in Si.Se.Sa. Bandung. The collection has Si.Se.Sa.’s characteristically shar’i dress and khimar head scarf, wherein the dress is loose, not form-fitting, and not transparent; the khimar is long to cover the chest and the lower back. Despite this full coverage of the awra or private parts, Si.Se.Sa.’s shar’i clothing remains fashionable and comfortable to wear, as they use high quality premium materials.

Si.Se.Sa. is further recognized as an Official Branding Partner of Swarovski Austria for its creative and unusual use of Swarovski crystals in each of its designs, especially on the khimar. The glitter of the legendary crystal maker adds to the elegance and exclusiveness of Si.Se.Sa. shar’i fashion brand.

Si.Se.Sa. dedicates its special Grand Opening collection to the celebration of Bandung’s elegance: the motifs are digitized hand-made drawings of Bandung’s historical buildings and monuments. The monuments and buildings Si.Se.Sa. decided to honor in its special collections are the Satay Building, Asia-Afrika Building, Maung Bandung Monument, Boscha Telescope, De Vries Building, and Bandung Sea of Flame Monuments. 

Si.Se.Sa. hopes that its presence in different regions in Indonesia would make it easier for Indonesian Muslimahs to get beautiful clothing that at the same time allow them to comply with the strictures of shari’a. In the past few years, the boutique is spreading outside the country as well by taking part in prestigious fashion events.


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