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Sheryl Sheinafia: Campaigns for better plastic use


IO – Singer Sheryl Sheinafia has released her single Positive (Positive), a cover of the song Posesif (Possessive) by the band Naif. Sheryl rewrote the lyrics to campaign how to better use plastic. 

For instance, the lyrics bila ku mati kau juga mati (if I die you die too), she changed with bila kau mati, kau hidup lagi (if you die, you live again). One of the best ways to manage plastic waste is by recycling. This is what wants to be explained by the #BijakBerplastik (#UsingPlasticWisely) campaign carried out by Sheryl Sheinafia. 

The lyrical changes have been done to give a more positive message and to spread the message of responsible plastic use. 

“Plastic is indeed one of the most useful materials in our everyday life but if we are not wise in using and managing it, its impacts on the environment are bad,” said Sheryl in a press release. 

“Transformation and a second chance are two things I want to focus on here. I hope through working, through something I love, through music, I can invite everyone to #UsingPlasticWisely so, there can be a positive change for our environment,” added Sheryl. 

“Concerning #UsingPlasticWisely, we can start by the simplest, from sorting waste to help the recycling process, to its usage or changing it to be something more useful,” she said. 

Born in Jakarta on December 4, 1996, and the youngest of five siblings, the daughter of Chris Tjokro and Irta C. Tjokro, has been studying music since she was 5 years old. Her first musical instrument was the piano which she studied until the age of 11. 

Sheryl then became interested in learning the guitar because she saw neighbourhood security around her house playing guitar. She then studied the guitar through YouTube and has been inspired by John Mayer. 

Thanks to her guitar playing and song writing abilities, Musica Studio signed her when she was just 15 years old. Her first single was Demi Aku (For Me) which was released in 2012. 

Not only a singer, Sheryl also acts. She has played in films such as Marmut Merah Jambu (Pink Marmot), Cai Lan Gong, Koala Kumal, Galih dan Ratna, The Underdog, and Bebas (Free). (rp) 


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