Sha-Waregna Bandung: eat your fill, affordably

rib soup
Their rib soup is savory and delectable. Photos: Instagram @Shawaregna

IO – Are you hungry right now? Good.

Don’t eat anything yet. Come right here instead. Here’s a new place where you can eat your fill without emptying your wallet: IDR 66,000.00 is what they charge adults at the all-Indonesian “All you can eat” Sha-Waregna diner. As its name implies, anyone can eat “sawaregna” or “until their bellies are full” here. If you’re somewhere in Bandung, you might want to stop by: Sha-Waregna is located on Jalan Sindang Sirna 21, Bandung, West Java.

You need only pay IDR 37,000.00 for each three-to-ten year old child dining with you, and children younger than three can sit for free. They are too young to be able to eat any dishes here anyway.

pecel sayur
Fresh, healthy, delicious pecel sayur.

From Dim Sum to Rib Soup, Low Price yet High Taste

What can you get with IDR 66,000.00 per person? Don’t worry, Sha-Waregna has an extensive menu containing many types of solid dishes. They live up to their slogan, “murah, enak, kenyang” (“affordable, tasty, belly-filling”).

First on the menu is the multiple variants of dim sum – no fewer of eleven steamed and fried varieties available. Not surprisingly, it is Sha-Waregna’s best seller. Each piece is sizable, has the right level of savor, and lovely tender texture. I suggest you don’t take these delectable pieces in large numbers at once, because you need space in your belly for other dishes like pempek, batagor, lontong kari (curry and rice cakes), chicken noodles and mi kocok (“whipped noodles”). They also serve chicken porridge, pecel sayur (raw salad with peanut sauce), and rujak (fruit salad with chili soy sauce and spicy salt). I’ll say that you don’t want to miss that absolutely fresh and delectable pecel sayur and peanut sambal. The latter is sweet, savory, and hot in proper proportions, leaving a real good aftertaste in your mouth. 

There are a lot of fans for their rib soup and oxtail soup. The broth is savory and sassy, and adding their lovely sambal will work you into a sweat whether you eat it day or night. It’s literally delicious to the last drop. You bakso meatball lovers will be spoiled by Sha-Waregna, both your tongues and bellies. Its Bakso Malang stand allows diners a choice of delectable bakso, Siomay, and tofu. Don’t forget your sambal and sweet soy sauce to complement your bakso. 

Sha-Waregna, an all you can eat Indonesian buffet.

In the mood for grilled goods? Sha-Waregna also has a grill menu available on Mondays through Fridays separate from the all you can eat menu. Yes, the barbeque is not covered in your IDR 66,000.00 per person ordinary entry fee. But it’s quite reasonably-priced at IDR 15,000.00-IDR 20,000.00 per plate, isn’t it? 

You can drink packaged beverages at Sha-Waregna separate from your dining costs – or drink the free and refillable plain tea that they provide instead! 

Dim sum
Dim sum, the favorite menu item.

Dining Time Limit 

During the weekends, Sha-Waregna becomes more crowded than during weekdays. Therefore, they limit diners to stay for only an hour then. However, on weekdays when there are not so many people dining in, they don’t limit seating duration. 

The diner opens at 11.00 WIB and closes at 20.00 WIB, with last call at 19.00 WIB. 

When you dine at Sha-Waregna, it is important to control yourself and not take too much of anything. Just because the restaurant is “all you can eat”, that doesn’t mean that you can take in so much of the food that their chefs work hard to produce, then waste it because you can’t finish the whole thing. It’s only natural that they will fine you for such disrespect to ingredients and cooking processes if you don’t finish. So don’t be greedy, and plan ahead for a peaceful, joyful dining experience! (Nurvita Indarini)