Wednesday, April 24, 2024 | 13:52 WIB by Kayla Azzahrah, new offering for young Muslim fashionistas


(Source: SEREENA.ID)

Kayla is aware that Sereena is a new fashion product in our homeland, but she believes that it will have its own place in the hearts of our fashionistas. “We have started to sell Sereena product using the Instagram online platform Note that I don’t make mass production: for one look, I produce at least 6 pieces, and at most 24. They’re all limited edition products. So I set my clothes’ prices at IDR 300,000.00- IDR 650,000.00. I don’t want to set my prices too high. I want everyone, from everywhere, to be able to afford them. Looking beautiful is a basic right for everyone,” she said. 

Handling the triple role as college student, designer, and business owner is a challenge for Kayla. However, her adaptability and willingness to learn allow her to create works at such a young age. She hopes that by her launching, more and more people know her works, love them – and most importantly, it allows her to contribute to having Indonesian brands and fashions reign in their own land. 

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Sereena’s launch shows that the young are able to create despite their lack of experience. Her will, dreams and fighting spirit are important values that should inspire her fellow young countrymen all over the land. For now, she is preparing a solo showing of Sereena’s products. “The plan is for the show to be performed in 2023. Please pray for us,” she smiled. 

Congratulations on your new business, Kayla! May be a success. Fly higher and grab your dream! 


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