Sengon: 1 Trillion

Dahlan Iskan
Former state minister of state-owned enterprises

IO – Trivial once. Looks. Just because A sengon tree. Electricity outages across Jakarta. Also Jabar. And part of Central Java. Sunday-Monday.

Sengonnya tree in the village of Malon. Far away in Gunung Pati, 28 km south of Semarang. Killed elec­tricity to Jakarta.

Well then it needs to be immortal­ized. Photographed. To be installed in all offices of the PLN. As a monu­ment. Which should be taught to all generations. From one generation to the next.

How costly one sengon tree. Even causing millions of people to suf­fer. Even stopping the trains. Which are still new. Were hard hit. The pas­sengers had to be evacuated. Presi­dent Jokowi got angry.

PLN even had to issue compensation to customers – up to Rp 1 trillion.

One sengon tree. In a village. Able to stir Mayapada.

Falcata was not wrong. The growth in population fence. But looming very high.

SUTET pole height was 40 me­ters. But bentangannya sag. 18 me­ters high. Height of sengon was about 15 meters. Has reached the magnetic field voltage wires.

But sengon is also entitled to ask:

– Why are trees allowed to grow tall there?

– Does anyone know about this?

– Is there no longer a budget to take care of trees?

– Why is there this budget policy – operating and maintenance costs should be below the HR budget?

– Why is SUTET so fragile? Kesenggol only one tree has been unconscious?

That it is. Why there should be no trees near SUTET (Top Channel Ex­tra High Voltage). Never until nyeng­gol. Entering any intruding magnetic field. Can be shorted. Resulting in an electric current stops.

Why are shorted in the south of Semarang, outages in Jakarta and West Java?

The Jakarta people eat the greater part of the current. Added to the sur­rounding industrial area: Tangerang, Bogor, Bekasi, Karawang.

Though the biggest power plant is in East Java. Paiton.

Then there must be delivery of large amounts of electricity. From Java to Jakarta. About 3000 MW. I’ve forgot­ten exactly.

Electricity for it can only be sent via SUTET, with voltage of 500 kVA. Like carrying water: the hose must be very large.

The higher the voltage the more ex­tensive the magnetic field. Therefore there should be a border width. SU­TET along the track should not be any higher plants. In terms of elec­tricity demarcation was called ROW – Right of Way.

In the past there is always a pa­trol which oversees the ROW – thus no symptoms to start annoying trees. Not necessarily every day. Trees can not suddenly grow high.

The question is: do the budget pa­trols still exist? Patrol management or weak? Or patrols have been carried out, the report was made, but no tree cutting budgets?

As simple as that.

But there is also an element of luck.

Java was actually safe. Even if most power plants were in East Java. Java already has two channels of high-volt­age wires. Northern Line (passing Un­garan, Semarang) and a middle path. Stretching from the east end to the west end of Java.

If there is any disruption on the Northern line as it is not actually a problem. The electric current can be automatically moved to the middle lane SUTET.

Falcata was not the only suspect.

Indeed, the fate of PLN more apes. Acting mainly Management confusion. Still new. 24 hours yet.

Sunday was no improvement SUTET middle lane. In the east of Tasikmala­ya. SUTET her off. With a very ratio­nal considerations: on Sundays elec­trical load around Jakarta has fallen dramatically. Adequately served the Northern line.

Honey, why is sengon so evil – moving about on Sunday.

North SUTET hit sengon. SUTET middle again repaired.

As a result of the loss of supply from two earlier SUTET chaotic electrical load once.

Power plants in the western region to die one by one.

It was a disaster.

Why so long? It already involves management of recovery . Only PLN knows.

There is little question: where were the ‘Kopassus troops, its P2B? Which first formed it? Which can maintain SUTET without having to shut the system down?

Disbanded? Is not passed? Not enough? Not developed? No budget?

I still remember. The inauguration of the army carried out a large scale. At the monument. With the demo ways to maintain voltage wires. Without shutting down.

It is very risky. Special crockery. Spe­cifically his shirt. Special intelli­gence. Therefore we dubbed ‘Kopas­sus’ to its PLN.

PLN also had a special department, named P2B, that set the entire elec­trical system in Java.It contained spe­cial people. Experts in electricity.

I call it ‘the brain’ of electricity. That institution that regulates the entire system in Java. Sometimes I am crit­icized. Too privileging P2B. I do not care. I used to favor the editors. In the whole organization newspapers.

P2B SUTET below it. But P2B under whom? PLN is now different orga­nizations. In Java, the three direc­tors. Director of Java / Bali, Director of Central Java / Yogyakarta and West Java director / DKI.

P2B can have a position that is not clear under the coordination of the director – which one? Perhaps it is set. Outsiders like I can not see.

P2B it needs to continue to coordi­nate. Every three months they must be tight. For the evaluation of system development in Java.

Is there a meeting was still there? Or already eliminated? P2B meetings should not be considered a regular meeting, who could be removed for the sake of saving.

For the sake of profit.

Indeed, the irony: the new electric power remembers exactly when he died.