Semesta Academy’s “Six Wonders” for a creative industry

Semesta Academy

IO – Semesta Academy, founded last year, reaffirmed its commitment to support sustainable creative industries, by presenting the most relevant and effective educational programs. Creative EdTech forged cooperation with experts in the area to respond to the dynamic of the creative industry and ongoing competition between local and global talent, together with Wahana Edukasi for Storytelling and Scriptwriting, Maudy Ayunda for Creative Leadership, Thinking Room for Visual Design and Branding, Desy Bachir for Branding & Marketing Foundations, Agung Hapsah for Creating High-Quality Content for Business, and INFIA for Social Media & Intellectual Property. 

According to OPUS Ekonomi Kreatif 2020 data, the creative economy contributed IDR 1.211 trillion to the national GDP, a figure increased 1.4 percent from the IDR 1.105 trillion reported for 2019. The industry is thriving, with highly-competitive human resources. Therefore, it is vital to develop the skills of creative people behind the industry continuously. 

The urgent need for collaboration prompted the formation of Semesta Academy, which builds on four pillars: Creative Fundamentals, Creative Branding & Marketing, Creative Business and Creative Media & Entertainment. “In 2021, Semesta Academy set its foundation and collaborated with experts in the sector, compiling relevant programs for a targeted audience. We have been through a lot of trial and errors in order to discern the best learning formula, the most efficient and effective one. Hence, we are ready to leap further, in collaboration with creative talents and corporates,” explained Steven Koesno, the Semesta Academy Co-Founder and CEO. 

Semesta Academy provides various platforms to support development. One is a live session with industry experts, offering a concept to facilitate participant experience with direct teaching from practitioners, while sharing histories and in-depth knowledge. Participants are expected to formulate innovations and sustainable solutions for a future industrial ecosystem in each interactive session. Another is an on-demand interactive video, a learning format where participants only need to watch a video for intensive learning. 

Semesta Academy believes creative learning nurtures interaction and collaboration between communities in creating a solid and supportive ecosystem through several features: Community Based Discussion Centric, Community Learning, Daily Tutor Assistance and Weekly Challenge and Project. Community-Based Discussion Centric is centered on building friendly interactions and strong bonds between creative experts and participants. Community Learning features special sessions between creative experts and participants to have casual discussions on learning materials and challenges. Daily Tutor Assistance is daily interactive tutoring and the last feature, Weekly Challenge and Project is a session to build harmonious communication between creative industry members and provide professional collaboration outside Semesta Academy. 

Gina S Noer, as one of the collaborators in Storytelling & Scriptwriting, conveyed the participants’ enthusiasm. “As a representative of Wahana Edukasi, I cannot wait to meet skillful creative talent, collaborate with them, and exchange knowledge and experience, especially in Storytelling and Scriptwriting. I believe the learning process does not only occur as a one-way process, but also provides abundant insights for a sustainable creative industry. In the end, the creative world, including films, will definitely need fresh minds,” expressed Gina confidently. 

“We hope Semesta Academy and other programs launched this year will be able to help and assist the creative industry to keep developing themselves into qualified talent, individuals who will create new breakthroughs for Indonesian creative industries and the broader world,” ended Steven, closing his session.