Segara and Difki Khalif’s Sarinah Bridge open concert

Segara and Difki Khalif
Segara and Difki Khalif. (Source: Musica Studio)

Jakarta, IO – “Monday Replay” is a music program initiated by Musica Studios, popular among Musicaners (Musica Studio loyal fans) as a jamming showcase, where Indonesian artists under Musica play live every Monday. It is a “hybrid” show: while there is a live audience, it is also broadcast live on several digital platforms (the live artist’s Instagram account, the Musica Studios Instagram account, and the Musica Studios YouTube channel). This two-pronged show is meant to introduce new works from Musica Studios, as well as to maintain a strong bond between its artists and their fans. 

“Monday Replay” for 5 September 2022 features young performers Segara and Difki Khalif. The program started at 18.15 WIB, and held on the Sarinah Bridge, Sarinah Shopping Center, Thamrin, Jakarta. The two young men had the honor of performing live before both the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, and the President of the Philippines, Bongbong Marcos. 

The song list for the duo performance was as follows: 

1. “Hati Selembut Salju” (“A Heart as Tender as Snow”) – Segara 

2. “Cinta Ini Membunuhku” (“This Love is Killing Me”) (originally by D’Masiv) – Segara 

3. “Rupanya Kurindu” (“Apparently, I Miss You”) – Segara 

4. “Penuai Mimpi” (“Dream Reaper”) – Segara 

5. “Begitu Indah” (“So Beautiful”) (originally by Padi) – Difki Khalif 6. “Ratu Drama” (“Drama Queen”) – Difki Khalif 

7. “Lara” (“Misery”) – Difki Khalif 

8. “Cinta yang Diam” (“Silent Love”) (feat. Ariel of Noah band) – Difki Khalif 

9. “Topeng” (“Mask”) (originally by Noah) – Difki Khalif As expected, their heartfelt, genteel performance was a roaring success.