Seeing the original identity of Indonesia in an artwork

The collective exhibition titled 'Paripurna' or literally 'comprehensively' represents various archives of historical works, artifacts, photography, and other visual arts media related to the question of 'what is Indonesia'. (photo: IO/Aldo)

IO, Jakarta – In this globalization era, sometimes we are often baffled by the identity of the real Indonesia. We are unaware that elements of traditional culture has begun to be affected by today’s modern culture. In an art exhibit, Ruci Art Space presents a collective exhibition of a group that is using ‘Division 62’ which is domiciled in Jakarta. They are a group of artists who focus on the realm of music, visual art, photography, anthropology, and graphic design. In the exhibition, displaying their artwork on Ruci 9 Art Space, located in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta.

Ruci director Art Space Melin Merrill said Division 62 known musical group Uwalmassa that is in touch with electronic music. “Actually, the members have the same question about Indonesia. How their perspectives on Indonesia and seen from many points of view,” Melin said during a media preview of the art exhibition ‘Paripurna’, Monday (05/14/2018).

Collective exhibition entitled ‘Plenary’ (Paripurna) or literally ‘thorough’ that displays various works of historical archives, artifacts, photographs, and other visual art mediums that are interrelated with the question ‘what is Indonesia’.

“Ruci was very important to hold the 62 Division in this exhibition and show it to the public,” said Melin.

Curated by Gesyada Siregar, the exhibition presents a variety of questions and ambiguities about the identity Indonesia.

“Identity search method is done, as they try to process it through a new medium, “he explained.

Being an Indonesian, who inadvertently is obscured by their cultural heritage, Division 62 in this case deliberately iterates the influence of the West in the context of Indonesian culture. The art exhibition entitled ‘plenary’ (paripurna) examines the perspective of the individual away from their traditions. After academic study and access inventions of West, Division 62 aims to adapt the legacy of art in Indonesia. In this art exhibition they present as an artistic gesture in the form of a collective exhibition, featuring the objects of intervention. It is sensible to study the history and principles of the West, because it can help identify the place of what is often regarded as the art of ‘primitive’ in the principles of the west. Through this method, we will find that primitive East – notably Indonesia – and West intersect. This awareness allows the Division 62 to learn about and retrace ‘Indonesianess’.

To see a variety of art Indonesian objects like barong, harp, fiddle, and traditional dances we can see all of it in an audiovisual presentation of Division 62, with a medium choice presented in the form of video, photography, archives, illustrations, and sound art. Instead, the audience may be critical in recognizing that cultural products is also a hybrid of other cultures. It is not surprising that quite a lot of art is owned by Indonesia, to recognize all the elements of the Indonesian art, all the elements are contained in this art exhibition.

Aspects that have been narrowed down in accordance with objectivity and subjectivity as the organizer of the event. In their debut as a collective, Division 62 brought to the surface a statement that this is the way you can see this exhibition as the views of Indonesian identity by using objectivity, taking distance or angle of view of an artistic identity of Indonesia. The art exhibition ‘Plenary’ (Paripurna) has been opened to the public since Friday (11/5) and will last until June 10, 2018. (Aldo)