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See the beautiful savanna in Baluran National Park


IO, Jakarta – Indonesia has the widest expanse of savanna in Java, namely in Baluran National Park in East Java. If you visit here certainly seems like you are in Africa, although, I have never set foot in Africa. Baluran National Park is a tourist destination that is quite different. Why do I say different? Because here, if we are lucky we can find a lot of wildlife that is truly wild unlike in a zoo or Safari Park (Taman Safari). In the the Safari Park the creatures are nearby, they even can come close to us if they smell food from the car. But not here. The provisions for entry into to this National Park is that we have to travel by a slightly damaged dirty road for about 40 minutes to 1 hour.

Baluran National Park is located in District Banyuputih, Situbondo, East Java Province. Boundary region of north is the Madura Strait, east of the Strait of Bali, and in the middle area there are Baluran mountains which is no longer active. But this is a beautiful sight when we saw the savannas from a distance. Baluran National Park is representative of dry forest ecosystem in Java, consisting of savanna vegetation types, mangrove forest, monsoon forest, coastal forest, lower montane forest, swamp forest and evergreen forests throughout the year.

For you lovers of photography should come here during the dry season, June-July-August because the water is dry in the forest and there is a lot of yellow grass. In the dry season, animals such as deer, bison, peacocks that are in the forest come out towards the savanna. The National Park team provides water and puddles, so that in the dry season the animals come out and are nearer to the road. These animals are very shy, if there was a car approaching they would run away into the forest.

If you come during the rainy season and then the plants and water is very abundant so the residents of the park like bison and wild buffaloes choose to go inland to the national park instead of face to face with the visitors. In order to better enjoy the ride in the Baluran National try before entering this area to visit the information center to get a brief explanation of the Baluran National Park. After listening to lengthy explanations usually we can better appreciate, not interrupt, destroy, take, or hunt flora, fauna and ecosystems.

Head of Digital Distribution and Support Section of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Budi Supriyanto said access to the Baluran National Park is not expensive and it is felt as if in Africa. Along the way to Savana Bekol in Baluran National Park on the right side of the road, there are a lot of teak trees. It is suggested to start the trip in the morning. And hopefully, if you come across the mist so then the image can be more dramatic for lovers of photography. I suggest if you can come here at 04.00 am. Why? Because the sun (sunrise) in Baluran National Park is very nice.

Here there was no other tourist attractions, the Bama Beach which is a spot to view the sunrise, around Bama Coast there are also lots of mangrove trees and conservation. But please be careful here as there are a lot of wild monkeys. If you let your guard down a bit, your mobile phone or camera can be taken by the monkeys. In Bama beach we can rent a boat to get around the National Park.

In addition here, there is also a pretty good snorkeling spot, but you have to go a bit to the middle so you can see lots of fish and marine life. After that, we can move on down the Padang Savana throughout the National Park. If you want maximum benefit see animals here it is better you walk, because the animals here are very afraid of humans. By just hearing the sound of a car or motorcycle these animals fled into the woods.

If you want to enjoy a different atmosphere traveling in Indonesia, Baluran National Park is one place you can go to fill your vacation time in East Java. (aldo)


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