Seafood menus: Kudu-kudu fish and lobster

Lobster. (photo: Pramitha Hendra)

IO – For residents of Jakarta and surrounding areas who want to eat kudu-kudu, now there is no need to go as far as Makassar. In the Kelapa Gading region, North Jakarta there is a restaurant that serves the food. The name of the restaurant is Samudera Rasa, located on Jalan Boulevard Raya Blok QF 1 No 01. 

The restaurant, which was founded in 2010, has no doubt when it comes to seafood. The food processed at this restaurant has its own characteristics, differing from those in other seafood restaurants, including the menu of this flour-fried kudu-kudu. The menu became one of the mainstays of Samudera Rasa for fish. 

Samudera Rasa brings in the fish from Makassar, because that is where this type of fish lives. The outer skin is rough but it has soft flesh and is not filled with bones. Processed by Samudera’s chiefs, it is guaranteed to taste quite delicious. 

“People say that the meat of the kudu-kudu fish looks like that of chicken and some say it looks like crab meat,” said the owner of Samudera Rasa Restaurant, Robby Yahya, Tuesday (10/29/2019). 

To prepare it, a piece of kudu-kudu meat is wrapped in fried flour. and the meat is placed in the body with the fish head still intact: only the skin is fried. Even though it is fried, the fish skin cannot be eaten, because it’s too tough. The savor is increasingly felt if the meat of the kudu-kudu is smeared with sauce. The kudu-kudu menu is sold at IDR 280/gram. 

Not only is there fried kudu-kudu, but there are also many more mainstay menus of Samudera Rasa Restaurant, which must be tested, one of which is the lobster menu. There are two lobster menus served: Black Lobster Signature and Lobster Signature. 

“Black Signature Lobster and Lobster Signature are different, where the Signature relies more on garlic while the Black Signature prioritizes black pepper,” Robby said. 

It is guaranteed that the lobster served in this restaurant is free from any fishy smell. Because before cooking, the lobsters are cleaned with water and marinated in lime juice, salt, and pepper. 

After cleaning, the lobster is put into the liquid seasoning in which there is cornstarch mixed with flour, salt, sliced garlic, broth, and water. Next, the lobster is submerged to be evenly cooked. 

“When the color is browner, the water content decreases, the skin color becomes reddish,” he explained. 

Next, onion slices are stir-fried. Here, the onion serves to impart a fragrant flavor; then there are sliced leeks. Ground black pepper is added, and it is stir-fried for 5 minutes. 

Soy sauce, seasoning, and salt sharpen the savor. Finally, add the lobster that has been fried, stirring evenly. Remove and serve. 

The price of the lobster menu is around IDR 240 thousand. Curious? Hurry now to plan your meal at Samudera Rasa Restaurant. (Pramitha Hendra)