Scoring 68, Andrew Wirawan second on leaderboard

(photo: Prive. Doc)

Jakarta – Indonesian golfer Josh­ua Andrew Wirawan was off to a good start in the first round of the Combi­phar Players Championship 2019. The 22-year-old Surabayan finished the round with a score of 68 (four below par), the second-lowest score on the first day of the USD 100,000 tourna­ment being held from September 24-27.

Andrew, who played from hole one, scored five birdies minus one bogey in the first nine holes. Unfortunately, An­drew’s performance dropped in the next nine holes, only scoring two birdies mi­nus two bogeys.

“In the first nine holes, the course was indeed easier. However, in the back nine, the wind started up. I was a bit uncertain about my club choice causing a few holes where my hits were short or long. Then, there were some putts for birdies which I failed to make,” said An­drew, who earlier only targeted a score of 70 (two under par). “I am very satis­fied with the results today. I, myself am very motivated after talking to Rory Hie. He could become champion (Indonesian golfer who won the Asian Tour Classic Golf CC International Championship on September 15), so can I,” he said.

Andrew, who was the Indonesia Golf Tour champion in 2017, is now in sec­ond place, following Brandon Lau from Malaysia by one putt. Brandon leads the Combiphar Players Championship 2019 standings with a score of 67 (five below par). Starting from hole 10, the 26-year-old scored seven birdies minus two bogeys.

In third place are Trevor Simsby (United States) and Wang We-Lun (Chi­nese Taipei) who both sit at 69 (three below par).

The Combiphar Players Champi­onship is an Asian Development Tour (ADT) tournament and is fully sup­ported by Combiphar, a leading local consumer healthcare company in In­donesia. This year is the fourth time in a row the competition has been held. This time, the Combiphar Play­ers Championship offers a total prize pool of USD 100,000 and is being held in Parahyangan Golf, Parahyangan, Bandung after being held in Bali for two years running.