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Saudi Arabia opens limited hajj opportunity, Deputy Speaker of the House: “Pilgrim safety is first priority”


IO – In view of the COVID-19 pandemic that has spread to more than 200 countries with nobody knowing when it ends, the Government took a drastic step, with the scheduled 2020 hajj pilgrimage, as the Ministry of Religious Affairs officially cancelled all plans for hajj departures in 2020. Soon after our Government issued this policy, the Government of Saudi Arabia announced it had decided to continue hosting the hajj ritual for 2020 – but only for pilgrims who had already arrived. 

Deputy Speaker of the House (DPR) of RI/Coordinator in Economics and Finance Sufmi Dasco Ahmad stated that he respects the decision made by the Saudi Government. However, he still believes that the Indonesian Government has made the right call. “Pilgrim safety comes first, in view of the COVID-19 pandemic,” he declared at Nusantara III, Building, Senayan, Jakarta, on Tuesday (23/06/2020). 

Dasco stated that the Saudi Government’s policy is in line with that of the Indonesian Government, who decided not to refuse to accept any hajj pilgrims this year. “This is because there are indications that the Saudi Arabia Government will not be receiving pilgrims form many countries, including Indonesia,” he said. “Therefore, candidate pilgrims accepted the Indonesian Government’s decision not to send hajj pilgrims this year.” (Dan)


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