“Satu Dekade ISYF” contributing to Indonesian youth

Executive Director of Indonesia Student & Youth Forum (ISYF) Dinnur Garista Wirawan (second left) talks with the Talent an Achievement Section Head of the Directorate of Ministry of Education and Culture High School Asep Sukmayadi (second right), Chairperson of the Executing Committee of ISYF Rezky Nursaid (right) and ISYF Alumni Program Mentari Putri Novel (left) on the Talkshow Summit of the ISYF Decade Celebration in Jakarta on Friday, 10 August 2018. (photo: IO/Aldo)

IO, Jakarta – Indonesia Student and Youth Forum (ISYF), an organization focusing on youth empowerment, will be celebrating its 10th birthday in an event entitled “Satu Dekade (One Decade) ISYF Ten to Infinity”. ISYF has made an impactful contri­bution throughout its ten years. The organization started off in 2008 and has consistently developed and em­powered youth through high-quality programs such as the “International Youth Forum 2008”, “International Youth Camp 2009”, “ASEAN Univer­sity Student Forum 2009”, “Asia Af­rica Youth Forum 2010”, “Indonesia Youth Forum 2012-2015”, “ASEAN Japan Youth Forum 2015”, “Lead­ership Works 2015”, and “Forum Pelajar Indonesia” (Indonesian Stu­dent Forum) or FOR, which started in 2009.

One of the most important aspects when growing a large nation is con­sistently developing and empowering its youth. ISYF has become a space for Indonesia’s youth, from age 15-25, to be active participants in programs in line with their potentials, hobbies, knowledge, skills, and dreams.

“In its tenth year, we want ISFY to create even more concrete pro­grams. ISFY must continue to work,” said Executive Director ISYF Dinnur Garista Wirawan. He also added that ISFY will embrace more youth, espe­cially those outside of Java.

SFY’s “Ten to Infinity” event start­ed on January and reached its peak on Friday, 10th of August 2018, in Pusat Perfilman Building, H Usmar Ismail, Central Jakarta. Besides in­volving government institutions such as the Ministry of Education and Cul­ture, Ministry of Health, Center for Film Development, and Sinematek Indonesia (a film archive), ISYF also worked together with private orga­nizations to participate in programs directed at youth. The organization, which has 5,124 alumni, has creat­ed a string of events in celebration of its birthday, starting with Meet the Speakers, Truth Day, ISYF Dialogue, ISYF Pohon Harapan (Tree of Hope), ISYF Berbagi (ISYF Shares), Gather­ing Start Up Digital and Indonesian Student Forum (FOR) X.

“The most anticipated events are Meet the Speakers, Gathering Start Up Digital and of course Indonesian Student Forum 2018 (FOR X),’ stated Rezky Nursaid, head of the Executive Committee for Dekade ISYF.

Indonesian Student Forum (FOR) is a yearly event which was first start­ed in 2009. The event is participated in by high-school, vocational high-school, Madrasah Aliyah or equiva­lent students from all over Indonesia. The event, which is centered in Ja­karta, opens a space for discussions surrounding experience developing leadership characteristics and the integrity of Indonesian students.

This event is one of ISFY’s at­tempts to support students outside of Java, helping them self-actualize. From a total of the 300 quoted, the acceptance rate for participants out­side Java is 70 percent. This is done to help reach those in more secluded regions.

“FOR X participants will be accom­modated while in Jakarta so that they may meet and share their aspirations with the central government through a government visit. In addition, par­ticipants will also attend the Focus Group Discussion (FGD) that will examine issues surrounding Sus­tainable Development Goals (SDGs), and will also be introduced to inspir­ing figures where they can share and discuss their experiences,” continued Rezky.

ISFY alumnus and Miss Grand In­donesia 2018 finalist, Mentari Putri Novel said she was proud to be a part of the ISYF family. “FOR X is where I first learned to create and arrange songs. I was given the opportunity to create a single that was heard by stu­dents across Indonesia. The response was very positive, and gave me the confidence and excitement to keep creating,” said Mentari while talking to the media.

Besides the events for partici­pants, Satu Dekade ISYF also became a reunion for the alumni. This was so that participants and alumni could be a part of future programs. (Aldo)