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Satoo, Shangri-La; Indulge your appetite with a variety of flavors


IO, Jakarta – Finding a place to eat in the middle of the city to entertain business partners or just celebrate performance achievements with office friends is easy. Instead of worrying about where to eat comfortably and that can spoil your taste buds, and spending is also mea­surable, you can try Satoo Restaurant Shangri-La Hotel in BNI City, Jalan Jen­deral Sudirman, Jakarta. Restaurants in this five-star hotel offer a buffet concept, visitors are free to choose foods that are preferred at one price. This restaurant, in addition to serving a variety of Indo­nesian and also international cuisines. It also offers a variety of atmosphere which allows visitors to spend their meal time nicely. Entering the SATOO restaurant, an exclusive impression is felt. Maybe because the famous interior designer from Hong Kong, Karen Young, managed to arrange the restaurant, which means it has always been the number one, by taking a contemporary and minimalist style with great elegance.

With an actual area reaching 1,408 square meters, the interior arrangement of this restaurant seems spacious be­cause of the transparent appearance on each floor, walls and roof. As far as the eye can see, there are glazed glass, mirrors and natural stones ev­erywhere. Even the wall separating the interior from the outside is made of transparent glass. Fresh and relaxed impression is even more felt, some­thing that can warm the atmosphere. The Satoo restaurant with a mod­ern-contemporary concept is increas­ingly special with the open kitchen. An open kitchen which serves a variety of dishes makes hotel guests can di­rectly see the cleverness of the chefs in concocting, gathering, and cooking the food they order. This 425-person restaurant is always full of visitors. Even to the point of needing to make a waiting list when I visit it.

In the Satoo restaurant there are eight open kitchens that offer different dishes from the buffet model. Each of them is Asian Kitchen Station which serves Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian and traditional food from Indonesia. Call it a dish of yellow pickled shrimp, meat asem padeh, shredded duck, onion fried egg, peking duck, mango chicken, beef shabu-shabu, tempura, and others. There is also a Western Kitchen Station that specializes in West­ern-style food, such as cream cheese crust, salt crust beef sirloin, and wat­taka curried pumpkin. Don’t miss the Grill and BBQ Kitchen Station which offers grilled sausages, lamb olive sau­sage, or BBQ marinated sirloin.

Noodles Kitchen Station is also worth a try. There are kale noodles, Bandung laksa, and various pasta. Also stop at Indian Kitchen Station which offers a variety of Indian dishes. Call it chicken tikka and lamb kashmiri. Indian food presented is authentic food with spices, ingredients and flavors from the Ganges River Country. If you need fresh, please taste various salads or rujak, urap, and karedok at Cold Kitchen Station.

For a variety of drinks, Satoo pro­vides Juices and Herbs Kitchen Station outlets. Here, in addition to being easily found in various fruit juice drinks, vis­itors can also find various herbs. But not just any herbs. Because the herbs sold here are traditional herbal medi­cine – which is formulated specifically by Mbok Jamu that is employed at the Shangri-La Hotel and has been mixed with various other modern drinks. The total herbs offered are 12 herbs, including herbal cappuccino, herbal coffee blend (extract + coffee + milk), and herbal fruit punches. Guests who come from abroad actually often taste the herbs because they taste unique.

The last kitchen is the most exciting, especially for ice cream and chocolate lovers, is Dessert Kitchen Station, be­cause here you can find various cakes, porridge, candy, and chocolate. Inter­esting things that can also be found here are fountains made of pure choc­olate. How to eat it, of course is easy. Take the cookies or marshmallows available there, then dip them in the brown fountain and spin them around. After it has been covered in chocolate evenly, immediately eat and savor it. (Aldo)


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