Sandra Dewi’s collaboration with Cynthia Tan, introducing the Claire New Year Collection

    (Photo: Prive Doc)

    IO – As a celebrity, appearance is a significant aspect of life. No exception for Sandra Dewi, who is required to be able to look attractive even though she has to work from home during the COVID-19. For this reason, Sandra Dewi opens 2021 collaborating in fashion with a young Indonesian designer, Cynthia Tan, by introducing the Claire New Year collection, the result of design ideas from Sandra Dewi.

    Sandra Dewi is known to have had an interest in fashion for a long time. She succeeded in creating brilliant ideas for contemporary fashion concepts that are timeless, thanks to Cynthia Tan’s green hand; Cynthia is a young Indonesian who was none other than the designer of her bridal fashion at her wedding reception in 2016.

    Since childhood, Sandra Dewi’s talent for appearing in public has been evident when she won various fashion show festivals. Since then, her love for fashion began to emerge. Now, it encourages her to start developing ideas for trendy women’s clothing designs which can be used in all events and activities. Moreover, during a pandemic like the current one, after more than 10 months of not working, the opportunity to collaborate with Cynthia Tan is a gift for Sandra Dewi; with this collaboration, Sandra finally can start working again.

    “I’ve been interested in fashion for a long time. I’m very picky when it comes to clothes. When I had an idea, I immediately thought of Cynthia Tan. Besides, I think Cynthia understands my desires; her fashion designs suit me perfectly. So, I immediately had a discussion with Cynthia about ideas for the beginning of 2021. Besides, this is a big opportunity for me. I can never stand still for anything. Plus, I haven’t produced any work for 10 months. So, with this collaboration, I am excited because I can return to produce work amid a pandemic,” the woman who was born in Pangkalpinang on August 8, 1983 explained.

    Carrying the concept of ‘Modern’, Sandra Dewi and Cynthia Tan have succeeded in designing ‘contemporary’ women’s clothing that can be worn at any time and all kinds of events. Given we are still in a pandemic, many women automatically just work at home. So, by wearing this outfit, women can still carry on with their activities at home; it is also suitable for public places. It is even suitable for use during family gatherings on holidays or other events.

    “I am one of those people who are ‘quirky’ about clothes and daring to try. But Cynthia knows better what kind of market. So, we work together. The design idea comes from me, meanwhile, for the matter of market desires, I leave it to Cynthia. In essence, every woman who wears this outfit will still look beautiful,” explained the Lila actor in the “Quickie Express” (2007) film, excited.

    The same thing was also conveyed by Cynthia Tan. Because they have known each other for a long time, the chemistry between them has also been formed. All the fashion design ideas presented by Sandra can easily be understood by Cynthia. As a result, the resulting collection was very large, forcing Sandra and Cynthia to sort the collections that will be marketed again. “It was so ‘continued’, we did not expect that there would be so many clothing designs that we had prepared. But not enough time to produce them. So, we have to reduce it again. I am worried that if the demand is high, production will not be sufficient,” said Cynthia Tan.

    Also, Cynthia has long dreamed of being able to work with Sandra Dewi. Despite knowing each other for 10 years and meeting for the first time at the Clear Hair Model 2010 event, Sandra Dewi has never been Cynthia Tan’s partner in business. So, when Sandra Dewi agreed to collaborate, Cynthia was so excited. “It’s like a dream come true. It has been a long time since I wanted to work with Sandra Dewi and at the beginning of 2021 it happened and we can work together. This is truly a gift,” said Cynthia Tan again.

    In the future, both Sandra Dewi and Cynthia Tan plan to continue to develop other women’s fashion design ideas and concepts. Both also hope that what they collaborate with at this time can be accepted by the wider community. “I hope with this collaboration, we can further develop other fashion ideas and what we collaborate with can be accepted by the community,” hoped Cynthia Tan. When asked if Sandra Dewi had an interest in becoming a designer, the eldest of three suddenly laughed and shook her head. According to Sandra, she can’t be a fashion designer, because she never learned to design clothes. “I can’t be a fashion designer. Because I never studied to be a fashion designer. Let Cynthia be the designer, I’ll be the marketing and promotion, hahaha,” Sandra laughed.