Sandiaga Uno: “We want the law to be upheld as fairly as possible,”

Vice Presidential candidate No. 02, Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno. (photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Jakarta – Candidate for vice president, Sandiaga Uno is worried about law enforcement which he thinks is biased. Is that right?

“We want the law to be upheld as fairly as possible and not only attack the opposition, but also can be indiscriminately,” said Sandiaga, during the Hijrah Fest, Jakarta Convention Center, Jenderal Gatot Subroto, Central Jakarta, on Sunday (26/5). 2019).

What was conveyed by Sandiaga had also been repeatedly stated by Prabowo and the elites in the Prabowo-Sandiaga National Winning Body. They feel that law enforcement is not done fairly.

On the other hand, the police guarantee that there will not be biased when taking action against people who provoke and make trouble. The police confirm that all actions are based on legal facts. Without seeing affiliations from any party.

“if someone spreads provocative content that causes noise, disturbances on social media, in particular, can be charged with articles in Law Number 1 of 1946, can Article 14, 15. And can also be subject to ITE Law Article 28, 45 letters a and so on, “explained Karo Penmas Polri Public Relations Division Brigadier General Dedi Prasetyo at the National Police Headquarters, Jalan Trunojoyo, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, Thursday (04/18/2019).

“The police are purely acting based on legal facts, do not see affiliations. If there is an act against the law, it must be accountable for doing it. Anyone who is proven, must be responsible for their actions,” Dedi closed. (dsy)