Sandiaga Uno: “Ready to Work Home Program” will continue

Sandiaga Uno: We cannot stop fighting. (photo: Prive. Doc)

IO – Failing to win the presidential and vice-presidential election has not discouraged Sandiaga Uno from carrying out programs he and Prabowo Subianto created while on the campaign trail. One of these was presented by the two candidates during the campaign: the Ready to Work Home Program.

“The Ready to Work Home Program can still be realized without the involvement of bureaucratic strength as a whole,” said Sandi in TV One News’ Kabar Petang program as quoted by Tribun Jakarta, Wednesday, July 24.

“This is an innovation from our politics to face social programs such as searching for jobs; we can solve and run them with a startup mentality,” said Sandi.

Sandi told of his experience with his three colleagues who all experienced work termination. They started from a small company to creating 38,000 jobs.

“When I left the business world and entered politics, I saw that this was part of the return. In the political route and momentarily in the government, we have done our best, and I have seen the impact to do more for Indonesia by serving in politics.”

His service to the people will not stop after the election. “The fight must not stop, and the fire cannot be extinguished.”

Sandi laughed when the program he supported was called an investment for him in the 2024 presidential elections. “That’s faraway thinking. These youths can’t wait until 2024; they have to work in three months. I see this as my political break,” he said.

“I give them a challenge: can a political promise be realized with a startup mentality and create solutions and impact society?”

In the Ready to Work Home Program, there are facilities to search for jobs which will be connected to various government and private websites to find jobs, training according to interests and talents, and current market conditions.

Sandi stated that the concept of Ready to Work Home was a One-Stop Integrated Service (PTSP). Job seekers would be fathers in a single place with businesses. Other than receiving guidance, job seekers would receive training to start their own business.

“This is a one-stop service. And I think this idea can be developed beginning in city districts. It can impact 75 thousand villages throughout Indonesia,” said Sandi.

The Work Ready Home Program is a solution by Prabowo-Sandi to cut the poverty rate of Indonesian youth. (rp)